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Our team at Acorn Occupational Health is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that in order to have a happy and productive team, employees need to be healthy, both physically and mentally.  

We have a qualified and close-knit team, who are highly experienced in providing a range of occupational health services. Each and every member of the team genuinely cares about the work we do and doing the right thing for the customer and their employees.

Each has thorough and relevant training to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to provide excellent services for all of our clients. Our staff meet our strategic objectives, to deliver services in an effective way to protect, and improve the health of our customer’s employees. We provide unbiased support, assessing situations and concluding on what is the appropriate action should be taken. 


Our employee progression and support 


We believe that the constant progression and training of our employees is vital. We actively encourage and promote training programmes and qualifications for our team to participate in, for which we account. Currently, we have 2 technicians participating in their ergonomics masters, 1 completing a Departmental Management Qualification. Plus, multiple nurses working towards their degrees, and various other members of the team completing different qualifications. 


Occupational Health Technicians 


Our Occupational Health Technicians are vital to assessing working environments and working procedures, to ensure they are adhering to regulations and laws. But also, whether workplaces are promoting health practices for employees. 


Our technicians can complete:


The Occupational Health Technicians at Acorn are able to complete many health surveillance services which can also be carried out by our Occupational Health Nurses. Providing a more cost-effective approach for our customers. 


Occupational Health Nurses 


Our Occupational Health Nurses are at the forefront of health in the workplace. Protecting and promoting the health of people at work, but also regarding surrounding and influential issues. Looking at things from safe working conditions and mental health, to vision, diet, and exercise. 

Each of our nurses is a qualified and registered nurse. However, to become an occupational health nurses, they have completed extra training and qualifications, making them specialist occupational health nurses.

They are therefore able to protect and promote good health and prevent illnesses within working environments. Our Nurses and technicians work closely together, however that extra qualification means that if a technician has any concerns, they will refer it to be seen by a nurse, to make that final decision.


Our nurses can complete:


The wider team 


Although our team of nurses and technicians assess and provide health advice directly to our customers’ employees, we have a wider team of dedicated staff to ensure our services are delivered efficiently and effectively. Coordinators, assistants, managers, and directors, all work together towards our main goal. 


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