Mobile Health
Surveillance Units

Our mobile health surveillance units provide a flexible approach for delivering tailored health surveillance programmes directly to you. Meaning they are suitable for businesses varying in size. The mobile unit is ideal for SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) or for larger organisations, that have a number of sites, or remote operations.

Each of our units is fitted with two Bilsom Audiometric booths, which enable up to 56 hearing tests to be carried out, per day. The booths, ensure that hearing tests are performed in an environment that is recommended by the Health and Safety Executive. Our mobile health surveillance units are ideal for use on construction sites, where a quiet room may not be available. 

What are the benefits to you?

How our mobile health surveillance units can benefit your business:

  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce risk and cost of litigation
  • Compliance under current legislation
  • Minimal loss of working time
  • Onsite service, meaning less disruption
  • Statistical reporting to employers
  • Ideal for businesses with one or more sites and remote operations

How can Acorn Occupational Health help you?

Our Mobile Units are staffed by experienced Medical Technicians and supported by Occupational Health Nurses, to follow up and report on each programme. Acorn Occupational Health works with organisations of all sizes with the aim to deliver a cost-effective service designed to meet the needs of your business. 

As a leading provider of Occupational Health services across the UK, Acorn Occupational Health’s dedicated Occupational Health Advisors will work with you to ensure that onsite visits run smoothly and effectively.


Contact us

To talk to a member of the Acorn Occupational Health team about our mobile health surveillance units, and the service we can offer, please call us on 01260 277797 or email us at