Acorn Occupational Health are doing everything we can help our customers with the Coronavirus outbreak. We are assisting HR to manage vulnerable and high risk employees and giving advice to companies if an employee has symptoms or when a member of the family is displaying symptoms. If your company needs more advice regarding Coronavirus call us on 01260 277797 or email


Mental Health Support

Acorn have fully trained mental health first aiders and nurses who are here to assist your employees during what can be a very stressful and worrying time. If you have a vulnerable employee that needs extra help and support, now is the time to act. Contact us to arrange a telephone appointment with one of our professionals on 01260 277797 or email


Online Health Screening

Acorn are following guidance given by the HSE and are now carrying out all health surveillance via electronic paper-screening. This will not only allow our customers to meet their legal obligation in regards to health surveillance during the Coronavirus pandemic, but also provides a simple and fast way to screen employees. Please contact us for more information regarding your health surveillance requirements on 01260 277797 or email

Delivering Occupational Health throughout the UK

At Acorn Occupational Health we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service, not just in the North West, but across the UK. Our experience lies in providing tailored occupational health solutions that can be delivered nationwide either on-site, in our mobile health surveillance unit or at our clinic in Cheshire.

Our dedicated team of experienced Occupational Nurses, Technicians and Physicians assist you to manage issues affecting the health of your staff at work and to comply with your legal responsibilities. 

It is our aim to deliver a flexible range of pro-active, forward thinking occupational health services that are tailored to meet the needs of your business. The commitment to improve the health of your staff can only have a positive impact on your business.

Acorn Occupational Health now have the opportunity to provide coronavirus antibody tests. Find out more here...

Mobile Health Surveillance Unit

Acorn Occupational Health’s dedicated mobile surveillance unit, provides a flexible approach for delivering tailored health surveillance programmes direct to you.

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Occupational health is the specialist healthcare that is dedicated to identifying and preventing ill health in the workplace. Appropriate health surveillance ensures that an individual does not develop a specific medical condition related and attributed to their working environment. It ensures your legal compliance and supports you and your employees when health problems occur.

There is an increasing responsibility for employers to provide health surveillance for employees who are potentially at risk. The employer’s responsibility for Health and Safety is continually widening to include areas such as Stress Management, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and Back Pain. The financial benefits to employers of compliance are significant. As an example the overall cost of “back pain” alone to industry is estimated to be £5 billion. Acorn specialise in Occupational Health Cheshire.

  • Financial Benefits – Reduced sickness absence
  • Improved staff motivation and performance
  • Better staff attendance and retention
  • Reduction in sickness absence levels
  • Reduced risk and cost of litigation
  • Increased profitability by keeping the workforce healthy
  • Post Job Offer Assessment – Ensuring that people are fit for the job for which they are employed.
  • Ensures the correct placement of new employees in relation to their physical capabilities
  • Minimises hazards and risks
  • Provides evidence of safe and best practice – Satisfies HSE and assists the company
  • Reduces medical and legal claims
  • Enables focus on core business
  • Enhances company safety programme
  • Formalises company health policies and programme
  • Benchmarks for best practice, comparisons and trends

According to the latest Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) survey in 2014, reported in 2015, the average level of employee absence is 6.9 per year with the average annual cost of employee absence being £554.
Organisations that achieved their absence targets were significantly more likely to manage absence through promoting Occupational Health & Safety, health and well-being than those that did not achieve their targets.

Acorn Occupational Health Ltd is a Safe Effective Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) accredited provider. The SEQOHS Accreditation assists clients to identify occupational health providers that supply safe, appropriate and effective quality services.
The Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association (COHPA) is prominent in the occupational health sector and responsible for driving key advances.
2019 Award Winner – East Cheshire Chamber Business Award for Health and Wellbeing