Covid-19 Tests for Travel

Acorn offers more than just Occupational Health. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, Acorn can provide all of the Covid-19 tests that you need with a reliable, professional service.

  • Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service

    Since 2012

    Acorn are proud to be SEQOHS accredited

    The SEQOHS Accreditation Scheme has been developed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and assists clients to identify OH providers that supply safe, appropriate and effective, quality services.

  • Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme

    Since 2021

    Acorn are now RISQS accredited

    Acorn are now in the position to support the railway industry with Personal Track Safety Medicals (PTS) and Drug and Alcohol screening.

    Acorn Occupational Health + OrchidLive

    OrchidLive is our new, custom-built electronic occupational health portal where we can send questionnaires, upload documents and produce reports all in one. This is a cost-free addition to our service allowing our customers to enjoy a range of time-saving benefits.

    This system has been created specifically for Occupational Health and will help us to further streamline your occupational health programme, dramatically reduce the use of paper and is completely confidential, enabling you to easily manage your businesses occupational health requirements.

    Mobile Health
    Surveillance Units

    Acorn Occupational Health’s mobile health surveillance units provide a flexible approach for health surveillance

    Our team of Health Professionals

    Acorn Occupational Health has a diverse team of caring professionals that have a wealth of experience in providing occupational health support.

    Latest News & Events

    • July 21 - 2021

      Personal Track Safety – PTS Medical for Rail workers

      Rail Tracks are designed for trains, not people. Trains pose a high risk and it is because of these risks and possible dangers that everyone working on a railway must be medically fit to do so.
      A Personal Track Safety (PTS) Medical assess an individuals ability to work safely in the rail track...

    • April 22 - 2021


      We have really enjoyed sharing our blogs throughout 2021 and focusing on specific areas of our physical and mental health for both our professional and personal lives. This month, we are focusing specifically on flexibility. It’s a great area to delve into, flexibility, as it’s something we are...

    • March 25 - 2021

      Josh at Locomotion

      Earlier this month, we wrote about the importance of core strength for everyday life and the small steps we can all take to help improve our core. And so, to further this discussion, we caught up with Josh at Locomotion. Josh has a wealth of experience in sport and exercise science and is truly...

    • March 15 - 2021

      Core Strength

      Well, Spring is finally here! We are definitely ready to welcome in the lighter nights and warmer temperatures. There’s something rather motivating about the first signs of Spring isn’t there? And with that, we are all getting more motivated for work and play, setting plans for the summer and...

    • February 16 - 2021

      Food for Thought

      How is it February already? Well, at least it means we are starting our new 2021 journey through the body and mind to help both our staff and yours to boost their wellbeing for their work and personal lives! We can’t wait to get stuck in (Check out last month’s post to learn all about our mission...

    • January 27 - 2021

      Our 2021 journey with you

      Welcome to a brand-new year with Acorn Occupational Health! Whilst this year has certainly started in an unusual and difficult way for many of us, we are spending this month focusing on the future and what we can do to make positive change.

      It can be very easy (and totally understandable)...

    • November 18 - 2020

      Alcohol Awareness Week – Change your Mindset

      This week is Alcohol Awareness Week, and it provides us all a chance to stop, reflect and make changes with our understanding and consciousness of our drinking habits.

      Now more than ever, we may be taking to enjoying a glass of wine, or more at home. With the closure of pubs, clubs,...

    • November 4 - 2020

      Take Action this Stress Awareness Week

      During International Stress Awareness Week, it’s our job as employers to appreciate what may be causing our employees stress and how that can affect their personal wellbeing and professional performance. And more importantly, do we understand how to eliminate it for the good of the employees and...

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