PTS, Fit-for-Task & Safety Critical Medicals

Fitness to work can be determined in many ways. Specific roles within a company may require a medical to ensure that an individual is fit to work in that area. This medical would be requested as a ‘Fit for Task’ medical.

Construction or building sites that hire multiple labourers from various disciplines may request a certificate as proof of fitness to enter a site, this is a ‘Safety Critical Medical’.

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PTS and Fit for task medicals

Acorn is RISQS Accredited and provides PTS (Personal Track Safety) Medicals and Drug & Alcohol tests for Network Rail workers. Personal Track Safety (PTS) is a system of safer working practices employed within the UK. Whereas our Fit for Task Medicals assesses whether an employee is fit and healthy to complete a role or task that has an elevated risk level.

PTS Medicals for Rail Track

Acorn are RISQS Accredited to provide PTS medicals

Fit for Task Medical

Employee working within their company a Fit for Task is part of your Health Surveillance

Safety Critical Medicals

Construction worker requiring a certificate of fitness on site? This way...

Drug and Alcohol Screening

One site urine testing for Drug and Alcohol abuse