Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a complete understanding of someone’s physical, emotional, mental, and social state. It’s more than wellness, which typically focuses on a person’s physical health as this delves into personal life and how everything links together.

Health and wellbeing at work are particularly important in our modern working world and employers are not only looking into how they can protect their staff but how they can boost productivity and morale and reduce stress and negativity.

Prevention is healthier than a cure

Health and wellbeing services

Having a healthy and happy workforce delivers positive outcomes for businesses. Prioritising the wellbeing of your staff often starts by encouraging the use of positive support like Occupational Health.

Often wellbeing of employees is directly affected by the workplace. Increasing pressures and demands at work can be one of the biggest worries to the mental health of individuals nationwide. The effect of increased working hours and high-pressure jobs are having a huge impact on lifestyle which can be detrimental to the sustainability of good mental health and wellbeing.

By actively promoting health and wellbeing in your workplace, employers are already combating sickness absence, workplace stress, and mental health problems in staff – before it occurs.

Mental Health Awareness

Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health, see how Acorn can help

Stress Management

Mental health matters and supporting employees with difficulties has a positive effect

Well Person Medical

Individual wellbeing medicals for staff offering advice on lifestyle, diet and fitness

Stress Awareness Training

Ensure your business has processes in place to help employees with pressures of stress

Blood Pressure Awareness

Educating your workforce on 'their' numbers