Orchid Live

Orchid live is our new, custom-built electronic OH portal where we can send questionnaires, upload documents and produce reports all in one. This is all online, fully secure, and confidential along with being a cost-free addition to our service allowing our customers to enjoy a range of time-saving benefits.

This system has been created specifically for Occupational Health and will help us streamline our process, dramatically reduce the use of paper and is completely confidential enabling you to easily manage your business’s occupational health requirements. If you like the sound of this, you will be given a dashboard log in. This dashboard will be where you can manage and control everything to do with your occupational health requirements. Please see the breakdown of key features below:

Activities list – This gives you an overview of your business’s occupational health requirements and all employees within the business.

Refer an employee – This section is where you can refer an employee for health surveillance or a management referral:

Management Referral – You can refer an employee for a Management Referral assessment online. Simply follow the process of entering the details for the referral and it will be sent straight to us where we will begin the process of triaging the appointment and offer you a time and a quotation.

Health Surveillance – The same area of referring an employee, you also have the option to select Health Surveillance. Please tick the appropriate assessment and that will send the correct questionnaires to employees ready for their surveillance.

Report a new starter – Enter new employee details and then send a pre-placement questionnaire direct to the employee utilising an electronic link. This allows you to ensure all new starters are suitably placed and if any adjustments are required these can be quickly actioned.

Case status – You can view the status of a Management Referral and see if follow-up appointments are recommended. We update the case status during the booking and reporting process to ensure that you always know at a glance where your referral is in its process.

Documents – This is where all documents are stored. All reports are uploaded here. Reports in the system are now created per employee to ensure maximum confidentiality and ease of searching if a follow up is required. If you have someone leave the business, all of their reports are separated ready to be archived. Other documents such as our Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions.

Questionnaires – No need to print questionnaires! All questionnaires for health surveillance and screening are sent electronically to the employee ready for their appointment. These enable optimum preparation prior to a nurse visit which will cut down the appointment times and also enables us to complete remote screening without a nurse on-site if required.


The team at Acorn have been working hard to streamline this process and have achieved a huge amount of success with the rollout. If you would like further information regarding Orchid and how we can enhance your occupational health process – get in touch!

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