Acorn Occupational Health Portal

Acorn’s online portal is our custom-built, digital and secure portal which allows us to streamline our occupational health programme and further improve efficiency for our customers.

Our portal allows businesses to send questionnaires, upload documents, and produce reports, all in one place. As well as this, it is an online, fully secure, confidential portal, as well as a cost-free addition to our services. Our customers also enjoy a range of time-saving benefits as we know how valuable time is.

This system, designed specifically for Acorn Occupational health, will aid us in further streamlining our process and reducing the use of paper, helping to reduce our strain on the environment. We like to make things easy for our customers and we have done this by allowing our customers to easily manage their occupational health requirements in a confidential way.

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Using Acorn’s portal

You will be given a dashboard login, once logged in, the dashboard is the place where you can manage and control everything to do with your occupational health requirements and services from Acorn.

Features include:


An overview of your business’s occupational health requirements. Plus an overview of all employees within the business.

Case Status:

Ability to view the status of a Management Referral. Plus any follow-up appointments if recommended. This is updated at each stage of the process so that you can track the case as it progresses.


This is where all documents are saved, and where reports are uploaded. Each employee will have documents stored separately ensuring the highest level of confidentiality. Here you can also find all other documents from Acorn. These include our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice.

Refer an Employee:

Where you can refer an employee for a ‘management referral’ or for ‘health surveillance’…

Health Surveillance:

Included within the ‘referring an employee’ section, you can select the appropriate assessment for an employee, and the questionnaires will be ready for the employee to complete as a part of their Health Surveillance programme.

Management Referral:

Here you can refer an employee for a ‘management referral’ assessment online. The process is simple and straightforward, and once complete, the referral will be sent directly to Acorn where we can begin the process and offer you an outline of the appointments, timeline, and a quotation.

Report a New Starter:

Here a new employee’s details can be entered and a pre-placement questionnaire will be sent directly to the employee. Meaning you can ensure that all new starters are suitably placed, and if any adjustments are required, these can be actioned.


Eliminating the use of paper. All questionnaires for health screening and surveillance are sent directly to the employee before their appointment. This ensures confidentiality and GDPR guidelines are maintained, as there is no risk of questionnaires and personal information being left for others to see. Completing questionnaires prior to our visit also helps to reduce the appointment times required as employees are well prepared. Plus the option of remote screening is made possible.


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The Acorn team has been working hard to streamline this process, to make it as easy as possible for our customers, with a huge amount of success since the rollout.

If you’d like further information regarding Acorn’s portal, and how we can enhance your occupational health process, please get in touch. Or, alternatively, read and learn more about the portal.

If you would like to log in to your dashboard and require your account login, please contact a member of our team who will provide you with the link to access your account.