Management Referrals

A “management referral” is a referral that is made for an individual to ascertain more information with regards to the individual’s health, whether that be mental or physical, and their fitness to remain in, or return to, the workplace.

Management Referral assessments can be carried out by a number of different specialists, however, most commonly they are carried out by:

  • Occupational Health Physicians (OHP)
  • Occupational Health Advisors (OHA)

Sometimes, an application to the employee’s treating GP or specialist will be required. The medical report received will aid our staff during the Management Referral assessment.

Healthy and happy employees create a more positive and safer work environment for all

Management referrals may be used to assess fitness to work, to perform a certain job or to assist in ill health retirement.

Management referrals can be used to assist an employer who is helping an employee return back to work following an episode of sickness. The management referral report will provide appropriate advice on how to return a person safely back to work. The report will ensure that legal implications are considered such as; whether the individual’s medical condition is likely to be covered under the disability provision of the Equality Act 2010 and whether any reasonable adjusts are recommended.

Acorn has a robust management referral procedure. This includes the client completing a management referral form via an online portal, which is designed to give managers the opportunity to provide sufficient information with regard to the employee’s job role and to enable them to ask questions that they would like a response to. Consent from the employee is required prior to conducting a management referral and therefore appropriate consent forms are provided as part of the procedure.

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