Pre-Placement and Exit Medicals

All businesses rely on successfully recruiting employees for the development of their business. Getting this right in the first instance saves money, time and allows the business to operate effectively. A pre-placement assessment demonstrates an early commitment to the health of your employees.

Likewise, an Exit Medical records the health status of an employee which they can then provide to a new employer and help to prevent any later litigation.

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    Pre-placement assessments may be conducted by electronic screening undertaken from a confidential task-specific health questionnaire. We ask for any job exposures to be declared for us to determine risks associated with the employee’s job role.

    Benefits of pre-placement assessments are:

    • Informed recruitment and development
    • Baseline health measurements
    • Compliance with current legislation (Equality Act 2010)
    • Reduce sickness/absence
    • Reduce risk and cost of litigation
    • Reduced staff turnover

    Exit Medicals

    Dependent on the surveillance that a particular employee has had, you would advise one final appointment with Acorn and we would clearly note if any issues have been noted and whether or not they are deemed to be work-related.

    This will cover health surveillance such as:

    • Spirometry Screening
    • Skin Surveillance
    • Audiometry
    • Hand Arm Vibration
    • Vision Screening
    • Fit for Task

    The report is concluded with an overview of that employee’s health as of the day they left employment with you.


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