Sickness Absence and Absence Management

Sickness absence is a prevalent issue in the UK. It impacts businesses, and its effects are steadily increasing. In 2021/22, there were an estimated 36.8 million working days lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries. 

In 2019, the median rate of sickness per employee rose to 6.4 days of absence per year, up from 5.6 days in 2018. This rise in absenteeism comes at a cost to businesses. Therefore, its vital that businesses manage sickness absence effectively, to mitigate effects on the profitability and success of the business. At Acorn Occupational Health, we specialise in absence management and provide comprehensive services to address this challenge.


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    Acorn Occupational Health is a leading provider of Occupational Health services across the UK. Our dedicated Occupational Health Advisors work closely with you to ensure that our services meet your specific needs. We collaborate with managers and human resource personnel to streamline absence management processes, facilitate timely returns to work, and promote a healthy and productive workforce.



    Benefits of Our Services

    By partnering with Acorn Occupational Health, you can experience the following benefits:

    • Cost Savings: Our proactive approach to absence management helps reduce both short and long-term absences, resulting in significant cost savings for your business. 


    • Improved Staff Morale: Addressing sickness absence promptly and effectively boosts employee morale. Creating a positive work environment and enhancing overall productivity.


    • Legal Compliance: We ensure that your absence management practices align with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, mitigating any potential legal risks.


    • Increased Productivity: By minimising the impact of absence on your workforce, our services contribute to enhanced productivity levels across your business.


    • Increased Profits: Effective absence management directly impacts your bottom line, leading to increased profits through reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.

    Our services include:


    • Absence Policy Review and Writing: We offer expert assistance in reviewing and developing comprehensive sickness absence policies tailored to your business. An effective policy sets clear guidelines and procedures for managing employee absences.


    • Management Referral Assessments: Our skilled professionals carry out thorough assessments of employees referred by management. These assessments help identify the underlying causes of absence, enabling early intervention and timely support.


    • Early Intervention Strategies: We emphasise the importance of early intervention in preventing ill health from becoming long-term. By promptly addressing health issues and providing appropriate support, we limit the impact of absence on both employees and your business.


    • Telephone Consultations: Our Occupational Health Advisors are available for telephone consultations. They provide advice on managing employee absence by implementing reasonable adjustments and ensuring compliance with the Equality Act 2010.


    • Medical Assessments: Our medical experts conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate employees’ fitness for work. These will determine any necessary adjustments or accommodations needed to facilitate their return.


    • Clear Management Reports: We provide concise and informative reports to management, summarizing the key findings of assessments, outlining recommended actions, and offering guidance on absence management strategies.


    • Rehabilitation Programs: Our team develops customized rehabilitation programs designed to support employees in their journey back to work. These programs focus on individual needs and provide the necessary resources for successful reintegration.


    • Ongoing Occupational Health Support: Acorn Occupational Health offers continuous advice and support, serving as a valuable resource for managers and human resource personnel in effectively managing absence-related challenges.

    Contact Us 

    To learn more about our sickness absence management services and how we can support your business, please contact us at 01260 277797 or email us at Our experienced team is ready to assist you in effectively managing and reducing sickness absences within your workplace.