Workplace Management Referral

Workplace management referrals


Our Management Referrals programme is meticulously designed to offer a thorough and all-encompassing evaluation of an individual’s existing health status. With a specific focus on their capacity to sustain safe work or make a successful return to work. This initiative is usually set into motion either by proactive employees themselves. Or in most cases, by the discerning eye of management. Highlighting its dual-purpose nature in addressing both physical and mental well-being concerns.


Our Service


In our role as a dedicated Occupational Health provider, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering assessments that are not only unbiased. But also rooted in factual information and invaluable advice. Our unwavering priority revolves around safeguarding the welfare and wellness of employees. All while mitigating any potential adverse impacts that their work environment might exert on their overall health.


Our Team


At the core of our Management Referral assessments lies a team of exceptionally skilled specialists. Each contributes their unique expertise to ensure a comprehensive and holistic evaluation. Our ensemble includes distinguished Occupational Health Physicians (OHPs) who bring their medical acumen to the table. Adept Occupational Health Advisors (OHAs) who excel in offering personalised guidance. Plus, proficient Occupational Therapists (OTs) who specialise in interventions that enhance overall well-being.


Management Referral Assessments


Within the framework of our Management Referrals programme, these proficient specialists embark on a journey of thorough evaluations that delve into various facets of an individual’s health and well-being. The assessments encompass an intricate analysis of medical records. As well as a systematic evaluation of physical capabilities, and a keen exploration of mental health dimensions. By holistically understanding each employee’s unique circumstances, we are empowered to provide nuanced, tailored support and guidance. Which extends well beyond the confines of a standard medical assessment.


Partnership with Businesses


Furthermore, our approach is underscored by a commitment to fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration. We believe in partnering with both employees and management to chart a path forward. One that is conducive to the employee’s well-being while aligning with the goals of the organisation. This collaborative effort ensures that the recommendations we offer are not only clinically sound but also harmonise with the realities of the workplace.


Our Programme


Our Management Referrals programme is a testament to our dedication to holistic employee well-being. Through a fusion of medical expertise, personalised guidance, and collaborative endeavours. We strive to create an environment where employees feel empowered to navigate their health challenges while concurrently optimising their work engagement.


How a Management Referral is set up


Management referrals play a pivotal role in a comprehensive approach to employee well-being. These referrals serve as a multifaceted tool. One that serves not only to assess an individual’s readiness for work but also to facilitate a deeper understanding of their physical and mental capacities. Companies should consider leveraging management referrals. As organisations can make more informed decisions, fostering a culture of care that resonates across the entire workforce.


Referral Reason: Assess a person’s fitness to work


One of the core applications of management referrals is the assessment of an individual’s fitness for work. This process involves a meticulous examination of an employee’s overall health. Taking into account medical history, current conditions. Plus, potential implications for their ability to carry out their job safely and effectively. This assessment isn’t just about ensuring that an individual can perform their duties. But also about preventing potential risks that might arise from health-related limitations.


Referral Reason: Assess whether a person can perform a certain job


In tandem with evaluating general fitness, management referrals serve as a valuable tool in assessing an individual’s suitability for specific roles within the organisation. This involves a deeper dive into the specific job requirements and demands. Allowing for a comprehensive match between an employee’s capabilities and the tasks they’re expected to perform. Such assessments not only enhance job performance. But can also contribute to a more harmonious and efficient workplace.


Referral Reason: Assess whether a person is eligible for ill-health retirement


Beyond the scope of day-to-day tasks, management referrals extend to evaluating whether an employee might be eligible for ill-health retirement. This involves a thorough analysis of an individual’s health condition. Furthermore, its potential impact on their long-term ability to work. By considering this aspect, organisations demonstrate a commitment to the financial and emotional well-being of their employees. By offering support and guidance even in difficult circumstances.


Referral Reason: Assess whether an employee can return to work following pro-longed sickness


Management referrals play a pivotal role in aiding an employee’s return to work following a prolonged period of sickness. This process isn’t merely about physical recovery. It also encompasses the psychological and emotional aspects of returning to a routine after an extended absence. Management referrals provide a structured pathway for a safe and seamless reintegration. Taking into account an individual’s progress and ensuring that their return is both physically and mentally sustainable.


Management Referral Report


The Management Referral Report forms the cornerstone of this entire process. These reports aren’t just summaries; they represent a comprehensive compilation of insights. As well as expert opinions, and recommendations. By prioritising safety, well-being, and employee support, these reports empower employers with the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions. These insights extend beyond the immediate scope. Allowing organisations to implement necessary measures, allocate resources, and create tailored support systems. Ones that bolster both individual employees and the broader work environment.


The link between Employee Well-being and a Successful Business


Management referrals serve as a bridge between employee health and organisational excellence. They are a testament to an organisation’s commitment to its workforce. Offering a structured approach to addressing health-related concerns. While cultivating an atmosphere of care and support. By valuing the holistic well-being of employees and embracing the insights provided by management referrals, organisations pave the way for a healthier, more engaged, and ultimately more successful workplace.


Orchid Portal


Our portal ‘Orchid Live’ is online, secure, and confidential. It is a free addition to our customers which allows a whole range of services, which not only save time but streamline processes. By using this online portal, clients can easily manage their business’s occupational health services with Acorn.

Our streamlined procedure for management referrals reflects our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient experience. Underpinned by our user-friendly online occupational health dashboard, ‘Orchid’. This innovative platform serves as a gateway to a comprehensive suite of services. It has been designed to cater to the health and well-being needs of your employees.


Here’s a detailed look at how our procedure works:


1. Online Dashboard Access.


Engage with our Orchid dashboard, a user-friendly interface. One that simplifies the process of referring employees for management referral assessments. With its intuitive design, you can effortlessly submit referrals and subsequently monitor the progress of each referral. All while gaining quick access to essential reports.


2. Referral Triage


Once your referral submission is received, our dedicated referral team springs into action. They meticulously review the information you’ve provided, taking into consideration any specific questions or concerns you may have. Their expertise ensures that the most suitable assessment is chosen for the employee. Guaranteeing that their unique needs are met with the highest level of effectiveness.


3. Assessment Guidance and Costs.


A hallmark of our approach is transparency. Following the review, we promptly furnish you with guidance on the recommended assessment and the associated costs. This transparent disclosure empowers you to make well-informed decisions about the management of the employee’s health.


4. Approval and Booking.


Upon your approval – communicated through a purchase order (PO) number or a name – we expedite the process by offering you the earliest available appointment slot for the assessment. Our aim is to ensure minimal disruption to your workflow while prioritising the employee’s well-being.


5. Timely Report Delivery.


We understand the urgency of insights into managing employee well-being. Within a mere 48 hours of the assessment taking place, expect to receive a comprehensive report. This rapid turnaround time underscores our commitment to providing you with prompt access to the findings and recommendations. This empowers you to take swift, informed actions for the employee’s continued health and success within the workplace.

Our comprehensive procedure for management referrals, supported by the Orchid dashboard, is a testament to our dedication to employee well-being. We prioritise transparency, efficiency, and collaboration. We also strive to create an environment where health management is not only streamlined but also empowering for both employees and employers alike. Through this structured approach, we try to ease a healthier, more engaged, and more productive workforce. Ensuring the success of both individuals and organisations.


When is Orchid Live available?


Access to the portal is available 24/7. The Acorn team will begin their process within their next working day.


Who can access the portal?


Acorn creates dashboards for managers that need access to the system, in order to refer employees and view reports. However, some companies only want one person in charge of the dashboard. Whereas some companies have 20/30 people who will access the dashboard. As long as we know what they should be able to see, we can tweak the areas that a manager has access to.


Employee Consent


Our procedure places a significant emphasis on obtaining informed consent and additional information. Recognising the paramount importance of ethical and legal considerations. We focus on the establishment of trust and collaboration. This approach fosters an environment where employees are empowered to play an active role in their health management journey. With their privacy rights and well-being being upheld with the utmost integrity.

In specific instances, it may become necessary to seek a medical report from the employee’s treating General Practitioner (GP) or specialist. This report is a valuable supplement to our internal evaluation. Augmenting the accuracy and efficacy of our assessments. The insights gleaned from the medical report contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the employee’s health status. Therefore enriching the quality of our recommendations and guidance.


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