Supporting your employees health during the christmas break

When we talk about your employee’s health, this covers a whole range of aspects. But it’s important as an employer to support your team during the Christmas break.

Christmas is all about spending time with family, and friends, and in all truthfulness indulging. Whether this is in relation to presents, food, drink, parties, and music. Whilst we understand that no Christmas is complete without a few mince pies and your tipple of choice, balance is key. This is the case with your mental health during this time.

But can employers really support the health of their employees during this time? We’ve compiled a list of ways in which you can…


Be a lenient manager


Now we’re not saying let staff get away with things that they shouldn’t, but rather remember to be understanding at this time of year. Many people find themselves under added stress, and pressure, and for some this time of year can be upsetting. Whether they’ve got extended family staying at their home, or whether they lost a family member at Christmas. People find Christmas difficult for numerous amount of reasons.


Allow flexible working


Many of us are accustomed to working from home, but flexible working arrangements can provide much-needed support for many during Christmas. Allowing your team to choose when they complete their hours during Christmas can help with childcare issues. Or even allow people to see their family, rather than being tied to their laptops from 9 to 5 on boxing day.


Let your employee enjoy their time off


This is important for all managers and bosses to remember in the run-up to Christmas. Yes, this time of year can be very busy and even stressful for businesses, but try not to let your team take this home with them. Ensure the best working methods for efficiency and effectiveness so that tasks are completed before the holidays and not waiting for your team when they return after the new year.


Limit communication


As with any holiday, any time of the year, employees should be able to have uninterrupted time off work. Annual leave helps to reduce the chances of burnout, stress, and emotional and physical exhaustion. Contacting an employee during their time off should be avoided unless absolutely unavoidable.


Employee benefits


Many businesses will have a handful of employee benefits. This often includes bike-to-work schemes, snacks, a Christmas party, and maybe even a fitness programme. Consider how Christmas time is known for overindulging and how you can support your employees to focus on fitness when they return after their time off. Offer your gym memberships at 50% off for Jan & Feb, or limit office snacks to fruits and vegetables.


Occupational vaccinations


Physical health doesn’t just relate to eating, drinking, and exercise. Vaccinations can help to protect your team from catching cases of flu, and viruses which can impact not only their health but their ability to work.

For many businesses the Christmas break provides a great opportunity for the whole team to have some time off from work, and time with those they love. Employers have more of an impact on their employee’s well-being during this time than they probably realise.


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