Employee and employer FAQs

Occupational Health isn’t a familiar subject for every business up and down the UK. However, at Acorn, we not only want to support and help businesses ensure and support the health of their employees. But also to help employers, and employees understand more about occupational health.

Explore our FAQs to find the answer to your question. Have a more specific question? No problem, get in touch with our team of experts. call us at 01260 277797 or email us at website@acornoh.co.uk


Employer FAQs 


  • How do I begin to use the Orchid dashboard?

If you are a current customer of Acorn, you can contact your account manager or email website@acornoh.co.uk. A member of the team will set you up with a dashboard login where you can begin to use the dashboard and the services we offer via the Orchid dashboard


  • I don’t use the Orchid dashboard, can I still refer employees? 

All referrals need to be made via your dashboard. This helps to ensure all information is dealt with securely and confidentiality is not broken. This also helps us to process any management referrals faster. Full training and information regarding Orchid are provided, and the team is always on hand to answer any questions.


  • I require a whole range of services from Acorn, can I book these all together? 

Certainly. A member of the Acorn team can help you put together a cost-effective occupational health programme that meets your business needs. 


  • Can I book one-off services with Acorn OH?

Yes – there is no additional charge to use our services on an ad-hoc basis, you pay for the services your receive.


  • What sectors do you support?

The Acorn team is made up of Occupational Health Advisors and Technicians from all different backgrounds. Together, we have a wealth of experience in all sectors from a corporate office to heavy manufacturing. 


  • Do you work with businesses with less than 1000 employees?

Yes, we do. We are here to help businesses of all sizes. Whether you have 10 employees or 1000 or more employees, we are able to support you with all of your occupational health needs.


  • I have seen that you have a mobile unit. Can I book this?

Certainly. Our mobile unit has 2 sound-proof booths for audiometry assessments. We can test up to 56 employees in a day making it a highly cost-effective approach to your occupational health programme. We can also offer the mobile unit if you don’t have a room for our clinicians to use for health surveillance.


  • How far in advance do I need to book services with Acorn? 

If you’re booking an onsite health surveillance visit, the more notice the better. Ideally a month. This also allows time for employees to complete their health questionnaires. However, quite often we may have availability during the same week as we like to be available when our customers need us. 


  • I’m not sure what OH services my business requires, can Acorn help? 

We’re always happy to chat to discuss what your business may benefit from. If you’re unsure what health surveillance you need, we can offer a Site Health Needs Assessment to summarise exactly what you do or do not need to be compliant with HSE legislation.


  • Will our data be dealt with securely?

Yes always. Please read more about our privacy policy


  • Do you offer phone/video appointments?

Yes, we became quite the experts at remote assessments during covid. We can offer phone or video appointments for a range of our services. Most management referral assessments are completed remotely unless the employee needs to be seen face to face, for example, if they have musculoskeletal issues that require an assessment. 


Employee FAQs


  • My manager has arranged an assessment for me and I don’t know why?

We strongly advise that employers explain to the relevant employee why a referral assessment has been made, and what it is for. A good suggestion is to request a meeting with your manager, to understand why you have been referred to Acorn.


  • I have been referred to your service, how can I see what information my manager provided to you?

Your manager will have a copy of the information that was submitted to Acorn. The best approach will be to ask your manager to send you a copy. This information is available on your referring manager’s dashboard within the ‘case statuses’ area.


  • My GP says that I am fit, why am I being referred to occupational health?

A GP may have a very good understanding of someone’s medical history, however, this does not necessarily mean that they understand your work environment and the possible adjustments that could be put in place by your employer. Therefore, an assessment with occupational health can allow for an accurate assessment of your fitness to work and how your employer can best help you.


  • I’ve lost my password to view my report, how do I find this? 

No worries. You can either get in touch via our form or contact the management referral team by calling 01260 277797 or emailing manref@acornoh.co.uk. The team will want to verify your identity, however, once complete, they will resend you your password. 


  • When are mental health services available? 

At Acorn, we have a team who are highly experienced in offering mental health-related support. This support may be in the form of a ‘listening service’ where we speak with you on a regular basis and help signpost you to beneficial resources. Alternatively, it may be as a ‘Management Referral Assessment’ where we provide your employer and you with recommendations on how best to support you to return to work.

If you would like some support from one of our team, speak to your manager who can then submit a ‘Management Referral’ via their dashboard.

There is also the Employee Assistance Programme that Acorn can provide to businesses. This service is available 24/7 365 days a year. 


  • Do I need to take/ prepare anything before my appointment? 

Whether you’re having a PTS medical or a counselling session, Acorn will make your manager aware of anything that you need to bring to your appointment. If you have booked a medical directly with Acorn, anything that you need to bring with be on your confirmation email. Most commonly, this will be a photographic ID.


  • What if I cannot attend my appointment? 

If you are unable to attend your appointment please contact your manager who will request Acorn to reschedule your appointment. Obviously, we understand that some eventualities cannot be planned for, however, we appreciate as much notice as possible. 


PTS, Construction & Fit for Task Medicals 


  • I have a big team of railway workers, do you do on-site PTS medicals? 

Yes, we can. We have a large team of Occupational Health Nurses and Technicians who are available to attend your site to conduct the medicals. This is more cost-effective if you require multiple medicals. However, we will require a confidential medical room on your site to carry out the assessments. 


  • Can I book just the Drug & Alcohol testing for employees? 

Yes, at Acorn we’re flexible to your needs. We offer just Drug and Alcohol testing as a service. Many high-risk industries have a zero drug and alcohol policy. Especially for those industries where workers are in charge of machinery, work at heights, drive, or work at heights, this also includes the rail industry. 

Our alcohol testing is completed by testing a sample of breath which is supplied through a breathalyzer machine. Whereas drugs are tested for by testing a sample of urine from the individual. As per RISQS guidelines, all drug samples need to be sent to the laboratory for analysis. Our Drug & Alcohol tests are £60 each, or a discount is available for booking a Drug and Alcohol test for a number of people.




  • Is there a maximum number of people who can participate in training courses?

We would recommend up to 40 employees attend an Acorn training course. This allows all employees to effectively participate in the training and get the most out of the course. Our manual handling training and stress awareness training course both have a number of benefits for your employees and your business. 


  • Does Acorn provide refresher training? 

Yes, we provide refresher training! At Acorn we understand that people forget information over time, and knowledge can begin to have gaps. Plus, legislation and regulations are constantly changing.  


  • What training courses does Acorn offer? 

Acorn OH offers manual handling training and stress awareness training. Our manual handling course covers various topics including weight guidelines, ergonomics, safe manual handling, risk awareness, and assessments. This course last for 4 hours. 

Our stress awareness course covers workplace stressors, how to control these, stress as a health hazard, and responsibilities imposed under UK legislation.


Health screening and surveillance 


  • Is there a limit to how many occupational vaccinations Acorn can provide? 

Acorn can provide up to x 42 vaccinations in a full day on-site.


  • What ergonomic services does Acorn offer? 

Ergonomics is all about matching the task, and the equipment needed for the user, with the worker. It assesses the working environment, which could be in an office, or at home. Looking at how to align each element of the working environment to the capabilities of the employee. Optimising this space for performance and maximising comfort. Acorn offers onsite and individual ergonomic assessments.


  • Why do I need health surveillance? 

Health surveillance is a system of monitoring the health of employees and carrying out ongoing health checks to ensure that they are protected and supported when working. When you begin carrying out surveillance, it will help identify any risks early, and also support risk assessments, particularly when working with COSHH. Health Surveillance is required by law, you can find out more information by visiting the HSE website.


  • Can I apply for a service myself, or does my employer need to? 

As Occupational Health, we provide a service for employers, in order to support their employees in the workplace. We can not make direct appointments with employees, however, you can ask your manager to look into occupational health services and we will be happy to provide more information.


  • Do you share my medical information? 

Occupational Health clinicians provide confidential advice to your manager and HR about your well-being at work. We give advice and support to you and your manager/HR to ensure that your health and safety does not suffer whilst you are at work.

The information we give to your manager/HR relates to your fitness for work. This is usually in respect of any restrictions or modifications to the type of work you are able to do. For example, if a person has epilepsy, their employer might receive a report recommending that the person should not work unsupervised. This need not necessarily disclose epilepsy.

There are exceptional circumstances when we are bound by law or professional conduct to report a medical condition. Fortunately, this kind of situation is rare, but we would counsel anyone to care if this action was necessary. 


General Business FAQs


  • What time is Acorn open? 

Acorns office is open from 9 am until 5 pm Monday – Thursday and 9 am – 4.30 pm on Fridays.


  • What days of the week is Acorn OH open? 

Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays)


  • Do you do walk-in appointments? 

We do not offer walk-in appointments. We can accommodate last-minute appointments, but this needs to be booked beforehand to ensure we have a clinician available.  


  • Is Acorn hiring? 

You can find out more about when we are hiring by looking on our ‘About Us’ page. 


  • Does Acorn OH have accreditations? 

At Acorn, we are very proud of our SEQOHS and RISQS accreditations, explore the accreditations we hold


  • Does Acorn have set prices for each service? 

Acorn charges for time, rather than just services. For a full breakdown of our prices, please email website@acornoh.co.uk with your requirements or speak to your account manager


  • Is there an Acorn OH services catalogue or leaflet? 

Yes, please contact your account manager for a full-service brochure or email website@acornoh.co.uk. Our services page also has detailed information on what is included in the medicals and what to expect.


  • Does Acorn employ Registered Nurses? 

All of our nurses are RCN registered and have a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector. Full occupational health-specific training is provided annually for all nurses and technicians.


Contact Us 


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