Why do Healthy Employees Equal A Successful Business?

Not only is your employee’s health important, but it also has many benefits for your business. 

We’ve all heard the phrase, a business is all about the people, and various versions of this saying. Including, ‘at the heart of the business is the people’, and these are all very true. What a business does (the work), how it’s done (the customer services) and the outcome (customer satisfaction) are all down to your employees. Whether your team is made up of 4 employees or 4,000, happy and healthy employees equal a successful business. 

That’s why it’s important to ensure, as best you can as an employer, that your employees are healthy. There are many ways in which you can support the health of your employees, but what are the benefits? 


Efficient, effective, and productive staff 


When employees have fewer health issues that they worry about, you’ll find that they tend to be more focused and engage with work. In turn, they feel their best at work and perform their best. This is also true when employees are under less pressure at work. Pressure and deadlines can cause stress for staff, and many people are unable to perform at their best when stressed. 




Team morale 


A huge one for any size business is ensuring that your team works well together. We understand that not everyone will be best friends, but creating a respectful workplace is important. You want great communication and collaboration within your team, and this tends to form management. Setting an example of what is expected, and what isn’t. You will probably find that recruiting the right management team is key to creating a happy and healthy team. 


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Less staff turnover and absenteeism 


The best workplaces will have employees that want to stay there, even if they are offered alternative opportunities. Most people believe that they would move for more money, but in fact, if you’re in a happy and healthy workplace, this tends to sway people. ‘What if I’m not as happy there?’. Of course, fair wages are key, but providing a great environment for your employees to work in often means they’ll have less time off and be less likely to leave. 


Attracting the best talent 


Even if you don’t actively talk about how you’ve actually created a happy and healthy workplace, word will get out. You’ll probably find that when recruiting, candidates will talk about how they’ve always wanted to work at your business. That they’ve known about you since 2010 and follow you on Instagram. If you create the right work environment, people will know. Meaning you’ll end up attracting the best talent and the right people for your company. 



Reduced mental health issues 


Of course, it is impossible for a workplace to be solely responsible for an individual’s mental health. But in saying this, they still have a rather large impact. Stress, pressure, relationships, and interactions all play a huge role in how a person feels at work. If there are issues with these, they can increase feelings of anxiety, and even depression. A workplace should provide open and honest communication so that any issues can be addressed before they begin to significantly impact an individual and their mental health. 


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