Work social events

Most workplaces throughout the UK, and around the world have ‘work socials’ or events that are organised outside of work time by your employer. But have you ever wondered why these events are so normal?

Workplace relationships are important to ensure your team works as one. That they support each other and create social connections in a setting where they spend a lot of time. These relationships are important for every employee’s well-being. Affecting stress levels, performance, productivity, and even mental health.

They provide a chance for colleagues to relax and socialise in a less formal setting. Whilst also allowing an employer to get to know their team on a more personal level…


Encourage employees to communicate with the whole team


Whatever your organisation’s size, many people find themselves working closely with 1 or 2 other employees on a daily basis. This could be because they work in the same department or simply because they sit next to each other. But, this can mean that some employees never really communicate. A work social provides an opportunity for your team to talk to the wider team and build relationships which they previously wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do.

Social events for employees can prove particularly useful when you have a few offices. You may find that employees email or call a colleague regularly, but in fact, they’ve never met in person. Events for companies that are larger, can help put names to faces and allow teams from all corners of the country to meet.


Build trust and positive relationships between employees


We all have work colleagues that we simply see as that, people we work with. But other than our experience with others at work, we know nothing else about them. Getting to know our colleagues better provides employees with a chance to build relationships. This could be through their family setup, shared interests, hobbies, and even what school they attended. By getting to know the people we work with outside of work, we develop a better understanding of who they are as a person, not just ‘Jon from Accounts’. This in turn creates trust between colleagues.


Employees can communicate in different environments


Many workplaces have their fair amount of stress, or pressure (as long as these are healthy levels). Social events which are organised by employers allow the team to meet in a different setting. Conversations don’t revolve around work, deadlines are temporarily forgotten and colleagues get the chance to talk to those they work within a relaxed atmosphere.


Celebrate the team


Whilst social events are a great way for colleagues to create and maintain their work relationships, they are also great opportunities to celebrate the team. Many workplaces will celebrate Christmas, but what about internal achievements? Celebrate a company milestone, show appreciation for employees going above and beyond, or celebrate someone being at the company for a certain amount of years. We’re not saying there needs to be an event every time there is something to celebrate. But why not keep track of internal achievements over the past 6 months & celebrating them all at once?


Overall employee health


We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘I’m here to work, not make friends’. Whilst for many, making friends isn’t a number 1 priority at work, creating work relationships is very important. How you feel at work can affect your stress levels, productivity, efficiency, overall happiness, and even your mental health. Your colleagues will provide support when you’re unsure of how to complete a task, or even when you’re going through something personal. Experiencing more positive than negative emotions at work can result in loyalty, less stress, feelings of fulfillment, good levels of attendance, high engagement levels, and more collaboration.


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