CBD products in the workplace

CBD products have been a topic of conversation for years now. With stories in the news, online, and even on social media. You may have friends or family who use CBD products, and each person will have their own opinions and experiences of using the products. Whilst we’re no experts here at Acorn when it comes to CBD products, we’re aware that some people may want to use these products whilst at work. We want to ensure everyone is aware of the rules and regulations about using the products in the workplace. 


What is CBD? 


CBD is commonly referred to as ‘medical marijuana’ in the market, however, it’s very difficult to find medical studies which prove that CBD products ‘cure’ or ‘treat. The ‘CBD’ part of a product is cannabidiol which is derived from the Cannabis plant. 


What are CBD products? 


Products which contain varying levels of CBD are available in many different forms. There are oils, capsules, balms, shampoos, essential oils, gummies, patches, and even dog treats. Each product comes with the places you can use it. For example, shampoos can only be used in the shower, whereas gummies could be kept in a bag and are easily consumed anywhere. 


Who can take CBD products? 


If you’re thinking about consuming CBD products, you must first ensure that they are safe, and legal to use in the UK. It’s recommended that if you do wish to purchase CBD products you do so from certified and trusted stores and pharmacies. It’s also vital to read the instructions and labels on CBD products before consuming them. Many people do even consult their doctor before trying CBD products, to ensure their safety. 


Can I legally take CBD products at work? 


It’s important to note that CBD products are not cannabis, which is an illegal substance in the UK. However, some CBD products do contain THC. This is the main psychoactive compound that is found in marijuana. Legal CBD products should contain very small amounts of THC and do not contain THC at all. The legal limit for levels of THC per container is 1mg. This limit is stated under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. 

‘In August 2022 Kent Scientific Services (KSS), a laboratory run by Kent County Council reported that 44 out of 61 (72%) samples of CBD products they tested contained one or more of the psychoactive elements of cannabis. These included cola chunks, marmalade, CBD oil, gummy bears, cookies, CBD drinks, vapes, and muscle balms.’

It is therefore important to source any CBD products that you wish to use from reputable sources. This would reduce the risk of testing positive in a workplace drug test.


Consider Drug testing at work 


For many jobs, drug and alcohol screening and testing are normal and frequent. These tests ensure that employees are not under the influence of drugs and alcohol when working in potentially risky work environments. If you consume CBD products from a reputable source you should not test positive for cannabis in a workplace drugs test. Although, most drug and alcohol test do test for the presence of THC and its metabolites, so there is still a chance of a positive test result if teh THC content is higher than stated on the packaging. 


Should I inform my employer if I take CBD products at work? 


It is recommended to be open and honest with your employer. However, all employers and industries are individual and so too are an individual’s job requirements. For example, a business where employees operate lasers may have a stricter policy compared with a business where employees work in an office environment. 

Although, communicating with your employer about using CBD products may highlight the cause of the reason for usage. If the usage of CBD products is external to work, then work is unable to make changes to support this. However, if CBD products are used because of the workplace and work environment, then conversations could be started with an employer about solving the route issue. 


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