The New Year’s resolutions of a healthier, happier 2024 are still fresh on everyone’s mind. Employees return to work with renewed enthusiasm. But post-holiday burnout can often be a challenge employees face when returning from the break. 

The post-holiday period can cast a shadow on the well-being of your workforce, affecting their productivity and morale. As an employer, you can set a positive tone, creating a supportive work environment. We understand the role that a healthy workplace plays in the well-being of your team. 

Recognising the Signs

Post-holiday burnout isn’t just about fatigue. It’s a mix of stress, pressure, and the lingering holiday blues. Spotting the signs early can make a world of difference. Watch out for decreased motivation, increased absenteeism, or changes in behaviour. These red flags can be indicative of underlying burnout.

Addressing the Cause

The strategy to combat burnout is to create a workspace that prioritises well-being. Ergonomic assessments can pinpoint areas that might contribute to physical discomfort or strain, allowing you to make adjustments to improve comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

Optimising Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is paramount in today’s tech-driven workspace. Employers should ensure that workstations are tailored to individuals. This can reduce the strain on the eyes, neck, and back, enhancing not just physical health but also focus and productivity.

Ergonomics Preventing Burnout

Ergonomics is often a useful tool in curbing post-holiday burnout. It highlights the importance of the relationship between individuals and their environment. Our assessments look at how tools, equipment, and surroundings support your employees. These aspects should support your employee’s ability to complete tasks effectively. 

Our ergonomic assessments explore more than the physical layout. They encompass both physical and cognitive abilities by understanding how tasks align with individuals’ capabilities. We aim to minimise the risk of injury, strain, and fatigue. 

Be Supportive 

Your role as an employer goes beyond the physical workspace. Our referrals provide a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s current health status. We assess their ability to continue working safely or return to work. These referrals aim to address physical and mental well-being.

Our specialists include Occupational Health Physicians, Occupational Health Advisors, and Occupational Therapists. They conduct thorough evaluations as part of our Management Referral assessments and they possess the expertise to provide comprehensive support and guidance to employees in need.

How To Help Your Employees

Make employee well-being a top priority. Reach out to us for a personalised assessment of your workspace and a tailored strategy to create  a happy, healthy, and productive environment for your team.

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