DSE assessments

Display screen equipment assessments look at the risks associated with working with devices such as phones, computers, laptops, tablets, or any other kind of digital device. Also known as workstation assessments, or visual display unit assessments. They should be completed for people who work with DSE and use them as a part of their job. 


What’s included in the assessment?


A DSE assessment analyses how screens and associated equipment are used on a daily basis, and whether they pose any risks to the users. 

Workstations are evaluated, to how they are currently working in terms of ergonomics. Taking into account the distance of the screen from the eyes, the desk, chair, screens, and even keyboard. 


Why are DSE assessments important? 


Ensuring the health and safety of employees is important in any setting, but for those sitting at a desk all day, risks are relatively low. However, that doesn’t mean there are no risks. 

A Display Screen Equipment assessment and training is important for office workers and those who regularly use screens. 

If workstations are not set up correctly to provide a healthy and safe environment for employees, musculoskeletal injuries could develop or even worsen. These could include neck, and shoulder pain, plus headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain. 


When are DSE assessments completed?


Usually, to ensure good levels of health, DSE assessments are completed yearly. This ensures that workstations and screens are working well for those spending hours a day working in them. 

Booking a DSE assessment for your team, whether they work from home, or are office-based, not only provides benefits for the employer, but it ensures that your whole team is comfortable and risk-free. A DSE assessment usually takes around 1 hour and can be done either in person or via video call. It will provide the company with recommendations and adjustments, along with clarity that employees are at no direct risk from musculoskeletal issues, which can often occur at workstations. In turn, employees will be more productive, reassured, and able to complete daily tasks knowing they are as safe and comfortable as possible. 


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