safety critical medicals

For many construction sites and building sites, there can be workers hired for multiple reasons and jobs e.g. Bricklayer, scaffolder, joiner, and carpenter, etc. Because of these various disciplines, sites may request a certificate as proof of fitness to enter the construction sites. This is known as a ‘Safety Critical Medical’.


What is a Safety Critical Medical


Mainly used for construction sites, whereby contractors need to prove they are fit to enter an external site and complete their job.


Difference between Fit for Task and Safety-Critical Medicals


Carried out as part of the Health Surveillance, a Fit for Task Medical looks at the employee’s fitness level to complete their tasks. For various workplaces that have elevated risks and requirements. These can be relevant for Drivers, Night Workers, Heat Workers, and Confined Space Workers.

Whereas Safety Critical Medicals are designed to prove that contractors can enter construction sites and are fit to complete their job.


What’s included:


  • General Health Questionnaire
  • Task-specific Questionnaire
  • Blood Pressure and Pulse Check
  • Mobility Check
  • Full Vision Check
  • Mental Health Check
  • Medical History
  • Urinalysis
  • Spirometry Assessment
  • Audiometry Questionnaire & Hearing Test
  • Specific Questions relating to the Job e.g. Vertigo for working at heights
  • A Full Report to the Employer
  • Embossed Certificate for the Employee to take to Site (Important for Kier sites)


The employee will have an in-depth medical assessment that lasts 60 minutes. If HAVS is required then an extra 20 minutes will be required for this surveillance. 

Our Safety Critical Medicals are completed by our nurses or technicians. We can advise on what assessments are needed specifically for your situation and advise you on the best option.


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