sitting properly at a desk

Ergonomics is becoming increasingly talked about, and implemented in workplaces across the UK and globally. Whilst most of us know the basics of ergonomics e.g. have a supportive chair if you work at a desk and ensure that your screen is at the correct height. It’s important that employees understand there is more to ergonomics, how to use the equipment correctly and what they can do to reduce the risk of work-related musculoskeletal issues. 

We’ve noted down a few simple steps that employees can follow to make the most of their ergonomic equipment, at home and in the workplace. Focusing specifically on sitting properly at a desk. 


Correct posture


Using an ergonomic chair usually means you can adjust settings for the individual user. With levers that allow you to change the height of the seat, angle of the seat, back height, and seat length. It’s important to adjust the settings to the user, which allows for proper posture. A natural bend at the hips, knees and feet should sit flat on the floor. 

correct posture at a desk

Keep a neutral resting position of the arms


They should rest on the arms of a chair or a desk and sit at a 90-degree angle. Any keyboards or mice should be easily reached at this resting position, and should not put a strain on the shoulders, arms, or wrists. 

Lumbar support 


When seated at a desk, a chair should supply adequate lumbar support. Ensuring to keep an upright and comfortable position without straining. 

Screens at the eye line 


DSE (display screen equipment) should comfortably sit at a natural eye level, without the need to tilt the head up or down at the neck. The top of the screen should sit just level with the eyes, the eye should look slightly downward and the screen should be about an arm’s length away from the face.

Ensuring screens are at eye line

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