Resources for Responsibility

As employers, it can sometimes feel very difficult to appreciate and fully understand how we can help our employees perform to the best of their ability. We can advise them and attempt to guide them with ideas and inspiration, but is that really enough?

We want all of our employees to make sure they are enjoying enough good quality sleep every night. We want them to exercise to keep their physical health in tip-top shape. We want them to eat well and enjoy some much deserved down-time to boost their mental health. We can advise them in all of these areas, and hope they heed the advice to reap the rewards, but are we taking our responsibility towards our staff if all we do is ‘hope’? I think, as employers, it is our duty to take that care for our staff one step further and not only educate them in the benefits of taking care of their physical and mental health, but also to facilitate it to the best of our ability too. If we truly appreciate the hard work and dedication our staff put into their roles, within our company, then we need to acknowledge this in physical and useful ways. This will not only benefit the efficiency of the company itself but have a life-changing and uplifting impact on the professional and personal lives of those staff we count on.

As a longstanding provider of Occupational Health services, the team at Acorn and I firmly believe in taking our responsibility for the health of staff seriously, and we are dedicated to making this happen. If an employer truly cares about the mental and physical wellbeing of staff, they will do much more than advise, they will DO.

But in order to provide the right solution to staff for changing their lifestyle or boosting their health, you need to know where they stand right now. After all, how can you offer sound solutions and finish-line goals without a starting block?

One of our services that has proven incredibly popular, educational and useful to our clients is the Well Persons Medical. This is a comprehensive medical assessment offering advice about lifestyle, diet and fitness, cholesterol checks and a full health review. Employees are not only reassured that they are in good health, but they are also given indications as to early actions they can take to prevent ill-health. The medical covers blood pressure, pulse, urine, cholesterol, weight and musculoskeletal assessments. Once these assessments have taken place, we are than able to provide comprehensive analysis and action points to tackle issues, improve health or present future issues arising.

Potential interventions and solutions that may come out of a Well Persons Medical may include:

  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Stress management (customised sessions)
  • Stress advice and management to include mindfulness
  • Hydration (water bottle distribution idea)
  • Nutrition, best use of facilities, education, 10 min food prep etc – our chef can intervene
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Fruit
  • Walking/ running groups
  • Smoking cessation
  • Health promotion days looking at diet, exercise, sunscreen, drug and alcohol, well woman, well man, seasonal allergies, sexual health.

We can complete up to 14 Well Persons Medical in a day. These are thorough medicals and result in concrete action plans that show that you take your commitment to the care of your staff seriously.

Earlier this month, I wrote about the importance of healthy eating, not just as employers but as an employee too. Having a varied and healthy diet has so many benefits. Whilst it can sometimes feel very difficult to achieve, particularly if you work long shifts and struggle for the energy to craft nutritious meals, it is highly important. So, if we as employers KNOW having a healthy diet is beneficial for staff health and performance, we need to take action to ensure that takes place.

Again, it’s all about responsibility and resources. If we take that responsibility seriously, we need to provide resources to facilitate it.

Provide staff with meal plan ideas, start a recipe sharing group, provide water bottles and hydration stations. Whatever you feel you can do for employees to take solid and concrete action is the best way to take that responsibility seriously.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our Well Persons Medical, or learn more about how else we can help you take action towards your commitment to staff health with health surveillance, health screening, health ergonomics, stress management and more.

Want to know more about the Occupational Health services we provide at Acorn, and how they could benefit your business and your employees? Please get in touch.