Acorn Occupational Health- New Ergonomic Services

Our new ergonomic services are helping to reduce workplace injuries and boost productivity among employees.

At Acorn Occupational Health, we understand the importance of a healthy and productive workforce. That is why we are excited to introduce our three new ergonomic services designed to enhance workplace well-being, reduce injuries, and improve efficiency.

We have a team of trained and qualified professionals who specialise in ergonomics. Our range of services are offered throughout the UK and focus on the physical capabilities of employees and how their working environments allow them to complete their job.


What is ergonomics? 


Ergonomics is becoming an increasingly popular topic for employers and is being focused on by businesses in the UK and around the world. It is vital that both employees and employers understand how ergonomics practices in the workplace reduce the risk of work-related musculoskeletal issues and the cost of sickness absence. 

The study of ergonomics is the study of how people interact with their work environment. At Acorn Occupational Health, our ergonomics assessments focus on how, as an employer, you can reduce the physical and mental strain on your employees that may result from their working environment.

Our assessments are tailored to each specific organisation, and how the employees work within their work environment and complete their daily tasks.


New Service: Functional Capacity Assessments 


A Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA) looks at whether an individual’s physical abilities match the requirements of their job. Our Functional Capacity Assessments determine if employees are physically capable of performing their work tasks and identify potential physical health issues. Based on the findings of the assessment, we will work with you to advise on any beneficial adjustments to employees and their work environment.

Using cutting-edge motion capture technology, we assess mobility, capability, and function, providing valuable insights into employees’ functional capacity.

The data collected from our assessments can be used alongside our management referral service, allowing us to evaluate employees’ musculoskeletal fitness and recommend work adjustments if needed. Our experienced and qualified Ergonomists specialise in conducting Functional Capacity Assessments and provide valuable recommendations based on the results.

Businesses can utilise FCAs to obtain quantitative data, as well as minimising the risk of musculoskeletal issues within the workplace. Doing so also helps to create safer working conditions, improve employee engagement, reduce potential sickness absence costs, and enhance the safety culture within your organisation.


New Service: Process Ergonomic Assessments 


We understand that business environments can differ significantly. Process-based environments present unique challenges when it comes to ergonomics and workplace safety. Our team specialises in providing ergonomic assessments tailored to unique workplaces. In a production/manufacturing setting, we use wearable sensor technology to identify higher-risk activities and provide actionable solutions to tasks and production, reducing the possibility of musculoskeletal injuries and improving efficiency.

Our Process Ergonomic Assessments include job task analysis. We evaluate the tasks performed by your employees which helps us identify high-risk tasks and gain a better understanding of associated risks. We utilise wearable sensor technology which provides us with video analysis and objective data to quantify musculoskeletal risk and pinpoint any contributing human factors. 

Based on the results, our team will evaluate risk factors and complete a comprehensive report that will include practical and prioritised recommendations that can be made to mitigate risks to employees’ musculoskeletal health and make their tasks more efficient.

These assessments provide you with quantitative data, which allow you to visually see the effects of heavy lifting, prolonged standing and general movements on workers’ health, therefore, giving you factual evidence on how to better provide safer working conditions, enhance your safety culture and improve employee health and morale.  


New Service: A Combined Approach 


We believe that some situations require a more flexible approach. A combined approach to ergonomic assessments help to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and promote workplace well-being. We utilise both motion capture technology through Functional Capacity Assessments as well as wearable sensor technology through Process Ergonomic Assessments.

A combined approach includes job task analysis to assess the functional capacity of employees which evaluates their musculoskeletal capability to perform their role. We also provide a comprehensive report and plan to reduce the risk of injuries, identify high-risk tasks, and adjust their tasks accordingly. Motion capture and wearable sensor technologies provide valuable data to quantify musculoskeletal risk, analyse movements and postures, and inform task rotation schedules.


Further opportunities…


Our ergonomic assessments and new innovative technologies provide workplaces with excellent insight, not just regarding the health of employees, but how the workplace may affect an employee’s health and what can be done to reduce this risk. 

Acorn’s investment in ergonomic technologies opens up further opportunities for proactive intervention in various areas across a business. Our technologies can be utilised for pre-employment functional screening, customised induction and training, risk analysis of work tasks, capability assessments for return-to-work processes and managing physical task demands effectively.

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