Welcome to a brand-new year with Acorn Occupational Health! Whilst this year has certainly started in an unusual and difficult way for many of us, we are spending this month focusing on the future and what we can do to make positive change.

It can be very easy (and totally understandable) to feel overwhelmed by everything going on in the world right now. Scrolling through our news feed, watching the TV, chatting to loved ones over video call, it’s hard to avoid the nerve-wracking reports, gossip and opinions. However, the more we can disconnect from the details and focus on the future ahead of us, the more we can improve our positive energy and change our daily habits to feel happier about what lies ahead.

And with that, we are turning our attention to the months ahead, and the brilliant, bright and bold changes we can make, both big and small to our daily lives that really can make a big difference to how we feel in our personal and professional lives. We want to help everyone to get focused on particular areas of your life, body and mind to improve habits and feelings towards them. Sound good? Then let’s go for it!

Over the coming months, we are going to help you, as employers to take stock of your employees and how they are coping, dealing with and working through whatever the world is bringing to them right now, and how, as their employer you can help and encourage them to make positive changes. To do this, we will be focusing on particular parts of the body or specific areas of mental health. Each month, we will offer a specific focus, and provide guidance and information on this area concerned and how it’s affected in your day-to-day life. We’ll then dig deeper into how employers can make it fun, engaging and informative for employees to manage it, work on it and track their progress. This isn’t about adding to their workload or their efforts at work, it’s about educating and informing them about areas they may not have even thought of or realised may affect their work and personal life.

So, as we go through the year, we will move through the body and mind, offering information and ideas to help boost health and promote positive attitudes to that specific area, and by the end of the year we will all have adopted great ideas and changes into our life to help all areas of our physical and mental health.  And we really mean that. We aren’t just going to be offering this information and providing goals, tasks and fun ideas for you to be adopting in your own business, we are going to be taking part too! Over the months, you’ll hear from our own staff on how they are working on that specific area that month, providing feedback and helping all of us to feel part of something bigger. After all, many of us may be working from home and feel like we are fighting this fight alone, but we really aren’t. Acorn are here to work WITH you, bring the whole team together and make 2021 a positive year for physical and mental health at work.

We can’t wait to start sharing our ideas with you and look forward to joining you on this journey! First up in February, we are going to be looking at health and digestion! Let’s go!

Want to know more about the Occupational Health services we provide at Acorn, and how they could benefit your business and your employees? Please get in touch.