Business of the year award 2022

Acorn is proud to have been awarded the Business of the Year Award 2022, at the East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Awards. 

Like many other businesses, the covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on Acorn. But we adapted quickly to the situation and became an industry leader. Continuing to provide our customers with the services they required, whilst ensuring staff and our clients were kept safe and healthy. 

We had a Business Community Plan which made working from home both seamless and effective. This meant that our customer service remained excellent throughout the pandemic. We have now adopted a flexible working pattern, which means our team can now enjoy a better work-life balance. 


About Acorn Occupational Health


Acorn Occupational Health was established in 2005 and has grown from strength to strength since. We currently have 42 employees, some of which are based in our Congleton office, and some work remotely or are home-based.


Our previous awards include:


  • Customer Care and Service Award 2009
  • Customer Care Award 2011
  • Small Business of the Year Award 2013
  • Health and Wellbeing Award 2019


Business of the Year Award 2022


The pandemic was a real test of our ability to be flexible and innovative to meet customer and business needs. Needs that were changing in such a testing environment. Acorn was able to thrive because of our business decisions. As well as the support of an outstanding and driven team who were robust, and loyal throughout.

Acorn was awarded the Business of the Year Award 2022 because of our sound financial and business planning.

During the pandemic, we revamped our business in how we deliver services, and meet the needs of our customers. Some of these changes were specific to Covid, and others were in relation to utilising new technologies. These have now been incorporated into the long-term business strategy.


Permanent changes


Our online portal. This allows our customers to transfer medical information in a highly confidential way, view reports, create referrals and reduce the usage of paper.


Remote services

  • Telephone/ Video Health Assessments
  • Remote Health Surveillance (where appropriate)
  • Remote Workstation Assessments
  • Remote Mental Health Support


Our clear plan for future growth


At Acorn, we invest in our people. Providing them with opportunities to grow both personally and in their career. With this solid foundation of sound business ethics throughout the organisation, the company enjoys year-on-year impressive growth. Despite the issues which arose from the pandemic.

As an SME, we successfully compete with multinational competitors winning contracts. Due largely to our ability to provide flexible and diverse services across a whole range of occupational health services.

Our successful formula is customer-focused, competitively priced, and we provide a quality service, delivering real value to our customers. Offering a tailored service to our customers means we can meet their specific needs, whilst ensuring value for money.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy


Acorn has created a healthy environment for its employees, to promote wellbeing. These measures include blood tests, spa days, health tests, mental wellbeing training, and sports massages. Our business is to work with our customers to deliver a customised occupational health and wellbeing strategy for business.

We understand the holistic importance of a carefully crafted healthy and well-being programme. Which nurtures the most valuable assets in a business, the people.


Covid-19 and Our adaptations


In March 2020, we had to adapt quickly. Acorn became a leader in innovation, regarding covid and we provided excellence in our related services.

As a result of the covid pandemic, we implemented the below service offerings:

  • Covid-19 triage. These services assessed whether employees need to shield. As the 111 service was overrun, this service provide information to employees regarding their ability to work based on their fitness. This reduced the burden on the NHS 111 service.
  • Free advice line for managers. We offered this service to answer questions of managers who had covid-related concerns.
  • PCR and Lateral flow testing. This allowed businesses to test employees, keeping them safe and therefore remain open. We were one of the 1st companies to become UKAS accredited as a national covid approved to provide for the general public and for travel.
  • Face fit testing for the police and community workers in Nottingham to ensure face coverings were keeping them safe.
  • Vaccinations to hospital staff at Arrowsmith Park Hospital.
  • Ergonomic and Human factor services: were designed to ensure the safety of staff returning to the office. The services involved covid risk assessments and safe design of office layout assessments.
  • A customised portal. Which provided remote sickness management and health surveillance. This meant that customers remains compliant with health and safety laws throughout the pandemic.
  • Our Occupational Therapist provided mental health services for many of our clients, either remotely or onsite during the pandemic.


Our Accreditations


Our accreditations have meant that new and more effective revenue streams have come from both the public and private sectors. They provide Acorn with the recognition that we provide services to a specific standard, that meets the health and safety criteria of the industry.


This is the gold standard for the industry, which identifies occupational health providers that supply safe, appropriate, and effective services

UKAS ISO 15189 

At Acorn, we provide excellent customer services and assistance for the general public as well as business travel for covid testing.


This accreditation allows Acorn to be part of the Rail track national providers for Personal Track Safety (PTS) medicals, and Drug and Alcohol testing for rail workers.

NHS Framework

This framework provides access to the NHS when initially offering services, such as Face fit testing and Vaccination programmes.


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If you’d like more information on the occupational health services we provide, and how these could benefit the health of your employees and your business goals, please get in touch. Email us at or call us on 01260 277797

Want to know more about the Occupational Health services we provide at Acorn, and how they could benefit your business and your employees? Please get in touch.