This is a new treatment that Acorn have come across for treating Anxiety and depression. Please see below article from Dr. Nikhila Deshpande.

Sick days are costing UK employers £8,000,000,000 a year. A staggering 12.7% of these sick days are taken due to mental health conditions. Depression and anxiety in the workplace cannot be discriminated against. Some employees must have long stints off work due to their afflictions, resulting in companies paying sick leave as well as a the wages of a temporary replacement, needless to say that this can become highly costly. Antidepressants are only effective for a third of the individuals who are prescribed them. Furthermore, it can take a great length of time to find the right type of antidepressants and adapt to their side effects. Psychological therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, are beneficial; however, they can take a few months to make a positive impact on an individual. What then is the solution?

There is however an alternative; rTMS is a painless, medication free and fast-working treatment for depression and anxiety. Along with this treatments efficacy, it can also act as a financial ally to companies who not only want to ensure the soundness of their employees mental well-being but save money in the process too.

Repetitive Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulations is a swift, pain-free, medication-free and effective treatment for anxiety and depression. Our patients dont require months to get better; we see results within a matter of days. This treatment for depression and anxiety has been approved by NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), The RCPsych (The Royal College of Psychiatry).

Our Service

Tranquil TMS is the first center in the North West to provide rTMS treatment. We are delighted with the work we have been able to do over the last year and strive to continue to do so with our growing clientele. It is in fact not only our mission, but our passion to deliver our fantastic and effective treatment to as many of those suffering as we can. Our treatment does come at a price, but it is insignificant in comparison to the difficulties caused by mental health conditions and indeed the financial burdens which come with sick leave.

Our patient Mr. Smith had long history of depression. Mr. Smiths previous 6-month absence had cost his employer £35,000, as a result of paying sick leave and another to fill his role in the meantime. The treatment we provided him with cost £6,000. By the time we discharged him he had taken 1 month off work, for which his pay was £3,333. His expenses therefore for that period were £9,333. It is highly likely that Mr. Smith would have taken further time off work if not for his rTMS treatment. Another 6 months would have cost the company a further £35,000. However, with rTMS, the costs werent much more than a quarter of that cost; rTMS saved that company £25,667. Mr. Smith has been in work for a year since his treatment, without a relapse, side-effects of rTMS or need to take antidepressants which can cause lethargy.

If you would like to find out more about rTMS treatment and how it has helped our clients, then get in touch today. We also offer packages to companies to conduct comprehensive mental health assessments. These are often very well received by staff and can aid in discovering a mental health disorder before it has fully manifested itself in an individual.

Dr. Nikhila Deshpande

Founder& Director & Consultant Psychiatrist

Tranquil TMS

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