A spirometer machine and a laptop with graphs of results

Respiratory protection is a critical aspect of workplace safety, especially in environments where there is regular exposure to hazardous substances. At Acorn Occupational Health, we understand the significance of safeguarding respiratory health in hazardous work environments, which is why we offer comprehensive Spirometry services.

Spirometry, also known as Respiratory Lung Function Surveillance, plays a crucial role in complying with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 2002. These regulations mandate employers to control exposure to hazardous substances to prevent ill health among workers. Through these tests, we assess the lung’s capability to exchange gases, providing early detection of lung damage and respiratory diseases.

The repercussions of respiratory illness can be profound, leading to sickness absence, unemployment, visits to the GP, disabilities and handicaps. Collectively, these disorders result in the loss of millions of working days each year. With Spirometry tests, we aim to mitigate these risks by detecting early symptoms of respiratory diseases and providing timely interventions.

Our services go beyond mere compliance. We also assist employers in completing risk assessments to identify hazardous substances in the workplace. Once hazards are identified, we help implement control measures to prevent ill health effectively.

Health surveillance is a proactive approach to protecting respiratory health. We collect and utilise information about workers’ health related to the substances they work with. As a result, we can prevent respiratory diseases from developing by detecting early symptoms. Our Spirometry process takes approximately 15 minutes and includes a confidential questionnaire, Spirometry (Lung Function) test, counselling and referral to a specialist medical consultant if necessary. In addition, we provide a comprehensive report for managers that satisfies HSE requirements.

Hazards requiring Spirometry tests are diverse and encompass various substances and environments, including animals and insects in laboratories, certain dyes, hardwood dusts, welding fumes and more. At Acorn, we are committed to providing thorough Spirometry services to ensure the respiratory health of workers in hazardous environments.

To learn more about our Spirometry services, please contact us on 01260 277797 or email us at website@acornoh.co.uk.

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