fit for task medicals

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, states that it is the duty of the employer (so far as is reasonably practicable) to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of their employees at work.

A Fit for Task Medical can be carried out as part of a company’s health screening programme. Whereby the employee’s job, and in turn, the tasks they complete, are assessed to see what fitness level is required for their job and whether the employee’s fitness and health levels meet these requirements. Although a fit for task medical isn’t a legal requirement, it ensures that the employees meet fitness requirements for jobs that have elevated risks and requirements. 


Workers who may require a Fit for Task Medical are as follows:


  • Lone workers
  • Confined space workers
  • Night workers
  • Lead workers
  • Drivers
  • Forklift truck drivers
  • Those who work at heights
  • Heat workers


Drivers Medical


For someone who undertakes regular driving as part of their normal duties, it’s important to assess the medical fitness of the employee for driving. This can include those who drive/ operate: cranes, vans, tipper trucks, mobile plants, tractors, excavators, and road rollers. Medicals for drivers reassures employers that employees are able to carry out their duties safely. Without endangering themselves or others in the working environment.


Forklift Truck Medical


The HSE publication ‘Safety in the Working with Lift Trucks’ recommends that all FLT operates, occasional and regular users are screened for fitness before and during employment.


Working at Heights Medical


The purpose of this assessment is to ensure that an employee who does work at any height does not have a medical condition that could result in an injury. Whether to themselves or to others whilst working at heights.


Night Worker Medical


This assessment must be offered to an employee prior to the start of their night duties. Ensuring that they are medically fit to be working at night. Plus further medicals must be offered at regular intervals thereafter.


What Fit for Task Medicals Include:


Each of our Fit for Task Medicals includes all relevant tests and assessments which are relevant to the daily tasks involved in the employee’s job.



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