annual pts medicals

With the festive season comes time off and annual leave for many. But the rail industry, this is a little different. With trains running throughout the Christmas season, this means maintenance work is vital to keep these services running. 

Therefore, it’s vital that rail workers have in date PTS Medicals and Drug & Alcohol tests. Ensuring they can work on the railway when required to. As they show the worker is fit, healthy, and safe to be working in the potentially high-risk environment.

Please note that our offices are closed from 24th December to 4th January. Any emails received during the Christmas period will be responded to upon our return on the 4th of January. If you’d like to inquire about our PTS medicals, please get in touch via email at or phone on 01260 277797.


Our RISQS Accreditation


Acorn Occupational Health is RISQS accredited to provide PTS Medicals. These can either be combined with a Drug & Alcohol test, or completed as a stand-alone PTS Medical.


What’s included?


  • General health questionnaire
  • Drug and alcohol test
  • Weight/BMI
  • Vision test using Snellen
  • Vision test using Ishihara for colour blindness
  • Blood pressure
  • Audiometry
  • Pulse
  • Urinalysis

All of the information from a PTS Medical assessment is directly uploaded to the Sentinel portal.


How long does it take?


Our PTS Medical takes on average 1 hour to complete, and this includes the additional Drug & Alcohol test (if required). This assessment is completed in our offices in Congleton, Cheshire.

Our fully trained clinicians will complete all of the medical assessments and the reporting to the Sentinel portal.


When will I get my results?


Results are instantaneous. Once the medical is complete, the individual’s results will be uploaded to the Sentinel portal


Group bookings


As the festive period is approaching quickly, a group booking could ensure that a number of rail workers maintain up-to-date PTS Medicals. If you have a number of rail workers who are due a medical renewal in the next few months, call us. We have half-day and full-day rates to save you time and money.




One-off costings


Half-day costings


Full-day costings


Please note, additional charges apply to positive drug and alcohol results.


Contact us


If you’d like to discuss booking PTS Medicals or Drug & Alcohol tests for December or January, please get in touch. Email us at or call us on 01260 277797.

Want to know more about the Occupational Health services we provide at Acorn, and how they could benefit your business and your employees? Please get in touch.