Acorn Accepted on to NHS England Framework

Occupational Health Provider Acorn is proud to now be working with the NHS during this difficult time and beyond.


The History

Acorn was launched by Isabel Burrows, Andrew Burrows, and Hayley Rhodes in 2005. The name of the business was developed through the idea of the company beginning as a small enterprise but through nurture and determination, it would flourish into something the team could be proud of; much like an oak tree!


Our progression 

With that in mind, we have worked tirelessly over the last 15 years to develop our 28-strong team which enables us to provide occupational health services to a wide variety of private sector businesses. Through a sound appreciation of continued education, development, and progression for every employee, Acorn was able to become one of the most well-respected occupational health service providers in the private sector.

Thus, leading us to also achieve SEQOHS status in 2012. This accreditation further cemented our standing and enabled us to apply for the NHS England Framework in 2020.


Now in 2020

2020 has turned into a historic year. From personal to professional lives and from businesses to healthcare providers, this is a year in which we will all come to remember the stoic determination, the love, the loss, and the resolute nature of all working and living through the COVID-19 outbreak. As Isabel’s background is predominantly nursing with the NHS and as a team, Acorn has seen first-hand the incredible work of healthcare providers. Their dedication to the cause, selfless acts of commitment to care, and their ability to shapeshift to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare landscape are inspirational. 


The Coronavirus Pandemic 

And so, as we find ourselves in the depths of a pandemic, it was only natural for the Acorn team to aspire to play their part. And when the team was accepted onto the NHS England Framework it meant we were ready and waiting for NHS Trusts to call out for our help and be able to take action straight away! Acorn has a variety of resources that can be accessed with six public health nurses and other experienced occupational health nurses and technicians who can take some of the strain away from the NHS. In order to employ the additional 20,000 nurses and doctors that have come back to work for the NHS, it has to be done safely as well as efficiently. This means they need to have access to occupational health for clearance, vaccines, and Fitness to Work medicals – This is Acorn’s specialty! We can also assist with antigen or antibody testing, PPE effectiveness testing, as well as a variety of other tasks which enable the NHS to work effectively during this crisis.

Occupational health may not be at the forefront of the public’s mind during this pandemic, but it is a vital cog in the healthcare machine that enables the frontline to provide vital care to all that need it.

Occupational Health Services during the COVID-19 pandemic ensure the NHS Trusts we will begin working with are acting safely and efficiently. Both are as important as the other and both are something we pride ourselves in giving our clients.

During this historic year, we all must play our part. And at Acorn Occupational Health Services we are proud to be ready, be experienced, and be recognised as an establishment that is qualified to do just that.


Contact Us 

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