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Rail Tracks are designed for trains, not people. Trains pose a high risk and it is because of these risks and possible dangers that everyone working on a railway must be medically fit to do so.
A Personal Track Safety (PTS) Medical assess an individuals ability to work safely in the rail track environment and is designed to help workers understand the systems that are in place to keep them safe whilst working on or near rail tracks.

To work on any active rail network, you will need to undergo a Personal Track Safety Medical and gain a fitness certificate. A rail worker will be provided with a PTS card that links to an online portal called sentinel. It is on this sentinel portal that the rail workers certificate can be uploaded and identified.

Who needs a PTS Medical?

Before working on rail, all potential employees require a PTS Medical and Drug and Alcohol Test. There are no exemptions and strict criteria must be met at all times. The PTS medical is intended to clarify that all rail workers are medically fit and fully aware of their surroundings so that they do not enter dangerous situations.

Along with a valid PTS Medical certificate, Drug and Alcohol testing is required throughout your entire rail career and will be repeated at regular intervals.

What is included in a PTS Medical?

Safety Critical

A PTS medical ensures that all workers meet a certain standard of health to work on/near rail tracks. The safety critical aspect of the medical frequency is completed based on age and/or health and will include the following components:
Medical questionnaire
Height and Weight
Blood Pressure
Vision test using snellen
Vision test using Ishihara for colour blindness

Drug and Alcohol

A fail on these tests may result in the employee’s PTS certificate being cancelled.
The drug and alcohol aspect of the medical is repeated annually.
Drug Test – completed from a sample of urine. All samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis.
Alcohol Test – a sample of breath is taken through a breathalyzer machine.

The details

The duration of the medical is 1 hour at our clinic in Congleton, Cheshire.
All information from the medical assessment is directly uploaded to the sentinel portal as requested. Acorn OH has fully trained clinicians to complete all medical assessments and the reporting to sentinel.

Why choose Acorn for your Medical?

Acorn is RISQS accredited to provide Personal Track Safety Medicals to rail workers. Companies that wish to work with or for the Great British Rail Industry must meet very strict criteria called RISQS – Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme.
The RISQS accreditation is recognised by the rail industry as the most effective means of managing supply chain risk. It brings complete assurance that as a rail network provider you can confidently look to Acorn as your Occupational Health provider.
Acorn has been through a lengthy process to ensure that we meet all criteria to the highest of standard and certify that our clinical staff are fully competent to carry out Personal Track Safety (PTS) medicals for rail.

Where do we cover?

Acorn OH has a central location in Cheshire in the Northwest, close to Stoke on Trent, Crewe, Birmingham and Manchester.

Our specially designed medical room is equipped with a full hearing booth and all necessary requirements for PTS Medicals.

Although based in the Northwest, Acorn OH can also offer a nationwide service attending suitable sites.

Associated costs


One off Prices

Half Day Prices per person

Number of medicals per Half Day

Total Half Day Charge

Full Day Prices per person

Number of medicals per Full Day

Total Full Day Charge

PTS Rail Medical (Safety Critical Medical)








Drug and Alcohol Test








Both of the above








Note: Additional charges apply to non-negative/positive drug and alcohol results.

If you would like more information, or to speak to one of the team members, please give us a call on 01260 277797 or email

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