Functional Capacity Assessments


At Acorn Occupational Health, we now offer comprehensive Functional Capacity Assessments or FCAs. These occupational health assessments help businesses to ensure that their employees are physically capable of performing their job, and the tasks involved. By doing this we can identify potential health issues.

By using our cutting-edge Motion Capture technology, we can assess the mobility, capability, and function of your employees. This information from the FCA gives us valuable insights into each employee’s functional capacity.


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    Benefits of Functional
    Capacity Assessments


    1. Support Management Referrals: Our assessments assist in supporting management referrals by providing objective data on employees’ physical capabilities. This data can facilitate effective decision-making regarding job suitability and work adjustments.

    2. Quantitative Data: Our assessments provide quantitative data on employees’ functional capacity, enabling you to make data-driven decisions when it comes to job placement, work modifications, or reasonable accommodations.

    3. Minimise Musculoskeletal Issues: Identifying potential health issues through our assessments allows businesses to proactively address and minimise the risk of musculoskeletal problems in the workplace. This, in turn, promotes employee well-being and reduces the likelihood of work-related injuries.

    4. Safer Working Conditions: By understanding the functional capacity of your employees, you can create safer working conditions that align with their physical abilities. This helps prevent accidents, injuries, and work-related incidents.

    5. Improve Employee Engagement: When employees feel supported and accommodated in their work environment, it enhances their engagement and productivity. Our Functional Capacity Assessments help you create a work environment that fosters employee well-being and job satisfaction.

    6. Reduce Sickness Absence Costs: By identifying potential health issues early on, businesses can implement appropriate interventions, reducing the likelihood of prolonged sickness absences. This proactive approach helps minimise the financial impact of employee absences on your organisation.

    7. Enhance Safety Culture: Prioritising employee health and safety through Functional Capacity Assessments demonstrates your commitment to fostering a safety culture within your organisation. This commitment helps build trust, morale, and loyalty among your employees.



    How the assessment works:

    Motion Capture Technology

    We utilise advanced Motion Capture technology to accurately assess employees’ physical abilities and movements. This data provides precise results which are analysed by our team of ergonomic professionals.

    Expert Evaluation

    Our experienced and qualified Ergonomists specialise in conducting functional capacity assessments. They have the knowledge and expertise to interpret the results and provide valuable recommendations, for both your employees and your wider business.

    Management Referrals

    The data collected from our assessments can be seamlessly integrated with our management referral service. This integration allows us to evaluate employees’ musculoskeletal fitness and recommend work adjustments if necessary.

    Trust Acorn Occupational Health for Reliable Functional Capacity Assessments

    At Acorn Occupational Health, we prioritise the well-being and safety of your workforce. Our Functional Capacity Assessments utilise cutting-edge technology and are conducted by experienced Ergonomists who provide valuable recommendations based on the results. By integrating our FCAs with our management referral service, we offer a comprehensive solution to support your business in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce.


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