Laughter Yoga

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Laughter Yoga

‘Making Life Lighter’

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What it is

Laughter Yoga helps to improve your employee’s mental and physical health. It is a practice of voluntary spontaneous laughter and is guaranteed to be a wonderful mood enhancer. Laughter Yoga is a 30 – 60 minute group session that helps alleviate stress in the workplace and helps us feel more relaxed throughout the day. Laughter Yoga is a practical exercise that involves breathing and stretching exercises, mindfulness relaxation and of course, lots of laughter. Employees will also receive tips of how they can continue this practice which will reduce stress levels and help boost their immune system.

Benefits for you and your employees

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural ‘happy’ chemical.
Laughter increases immune cells and antibodies which improve the body’s natural defence against illness.
Laughter lowers stress hormones and helps to elevate tension, both mental and physical.
Laughter increases the net supply of oxygen in the body which helps boost overall good health and aids concentration.

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