occupational health in the rail industry

The rail industry is considered a high-risk industry. Because of this risk and possible dangers that workers are exposed to, they must be medically fit. Workers also have access to and have control of various types of machinery and equipment. So it’s important that all rail workers are safe when working in these environments.


Occupational Health & the Rail Industry 


In recent years, Occupational Health related figures within the Rail Industry have provided ‘a wake-up call’. More needs to be done to improve the health and safety of railway workers. Although passenger journeys in 20/21 decreased by around 78% due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Numbers show that 5,693 railway workers sustained some kind of harmful injury in the same year. Which is only a 42% decrease in injuries compared to the previous year, 19/20.

Over the last 14 years, the RAIB has carried out 44 investigations. In which they have repeatedly highlighted areas that need to be addressed to improve the safety of track workers. Having regular assessments and medicals means workers are fit and healthy to work in a rail track environment. Reducing the chance of accidents, injury, and any other dangers.


How Occupational Health Services can help 


This is where Occupational Health comes in, and where Acorn can help. As a leading Occupational Health provider in the UK, we know what’s required for railway industry medicals. That’s why we are RISQS accredited to provide Personal Travel Safety (PTS) Medicals. Our medicals meet the safety requirements and strict criteria followed by 90+ buyers and 4,000+ suppliers. Many companies wishing to work with the Great British Rail Industry must meet the strict criteria of the RISQS. (This is why so many companies are members/ suppliers). As they are recognised as the most effective means of managing supply chain risk. This includes the safety of employees.


PTS Medicals 


A Personal Track Safety (PTS) Medical assesses the individual’s ability to work safely in a rail track environment. It promotes safer working practices employed within the UK. With the purpose of ensuring the safety of railway workers. Helping workers to understand the risk and dangers associated with their job, and how to keep safe when working on the rail track.


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