What is occupational health

According to the Cambridge dictionary, occupational health is ‘The study or activity of trying to prevent people from becoming ill because of their job’.

What Acorn likes to focus on is Prevention. Carrying out regular health checks on employees at work helps prevent them from gaining any sort of illness from the workplace. It also enables a professional to spot any early signs of physical or mental illness before it’s too late, and that is key. But simply put, we strive to look after people at work.

In some way or another, occupational health can be utilised in every single business, in every single industry for every single person.


Considerations for Occupational Health Services:


  • Have you had someone absent from the workplace and not sure how to support them?
  • Do you have someone struggling with addictions?
  • Has an employee had an injury at work?
  • Are employees exposed to irritants?
  • Have any of your staff suffered from personal illness such as a heart attack or cancer?
  • Do you want to show initiative with wellbeing and support health and fitness for employees?
  • Does your company have a legal obligation to carry out Health surveillance?


Occupational health covers a wide range of spectrums in professional healthcare and wellbeing and is relevant for a wide range of sectors and businesses. From railway and construction workers to teachers and office employees. Our customers include those in low-risk environments like offices, to those in high-risk environments such as the engineering industry.


Occupational Health Services we offer:



At Acorn we provide a full range of occupational health services. We are very proud of our experienced team of Occupational Health Nurses, Physicians, and Technicians. We can offer support either in our own private consulting rooms in Congleton, on your site, or remotely. The service we provide is flexible and meets the needs of each individual business.

We work closely with our customers, alongside them in a way that compliments their business requirements and goals. Always providing good value for money, excellent customer service, and an individual experience.


Benefits of Occupational Health 


  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Improved employee mental health
  • Happier and healthier employees
  • Improved productivity
  • Better professional relationships with colleagues and customers
  • Lower levels of staff absenteeism


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