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At Acorn Occupational Health, we have a dedicated service that offers therapy. Our Occupational Therapy (OT) department are highly skilled healthcare professionals who take a holistic approach in considering a person’s well-being and functional capabilities. This includes the nature of the work, the duties, responsibilities, and expectations of the role, and the work environment (physical and social) alongside the person’s skills and functional capabilities. 

An OT also takes a reflective approach to consider an individual’s personal and work experiences, taking into consideration their interests, strengths, and limitations. All aspects of daily living are explored, such as appetite, diet, a pattern of sleep, the ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships, besides the ability to feel relaxed and focused and engage in hobbies and interests. Other important aspects of a whole person may be explored if relevant, such as spirituality, belief systems, faith, or issues relating to sexuality. Coping mechanisms such as overreliance on alcohol, drugs, spending, and other addictive behaviours or compulsions can be explored so the appropriate advice can be given. 

Our Occupational Therapist takes a truly holistic approach and focuses on the appropriate aspects of a person’s life. In many circumstances, work may not be the primary concern or underlying reason for the issues raised. An Occupational Therapist seeks to understand the real narrative of a person. Plus, the way in which this relates to their job, and the environment they live and work in.


Key Occupational Therapy services offered by Acorn OH include:


Management referrals


Referrals may be made where mental health issues are a key element. Whether this is to support an employee whilst they remain at work, or to support them in their return to work. The OT assesses the employee holistically. Including their physical and mental capabilities, alongside their workplace environment and what’s involved in their role. This allows our OT to identify any issues that are affecting the person’s work performance and be able to advise on any appropriate pathways of intervention.


Listening clinics on-site at workplaces


Our listening clinics are a bespoke service offered by Acorn OH at the workplace, where the employees can come and chat face-to-face with an OT. These enable a number of employees to receive support and advice on a whole range of issues, with the ease of not having to leave work. 

Our OT service can offer advice on mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, or self-harm. We can also discuss personal and workplace relationships, sexuality, addictive behaviours, and negative coping strategies.

For many people, discussing issues with someone impartial in complete confidence can help. In other cases, extra support service may be required and the OT can signpost and recommend the best option for the individual. These could include mental health support groups in the local area, counselling, substance misuse services, men’s mental health support services, and menopause resources.


Collaborative working options


In many cases, more collaborative working practices within businesses can help to alleviate issues that are common among employees. The OT is able to work together with HR, senior management, line managers, and health and safety teams, to manage physical and mental health issues within the workplace. Positive outcomes can be achieved by improving presenteeism or reducing absenteeism. 


1:1 Mental health support


This service can be offered both via phone or in person and is flexible based on the needs of the individual and the business. For example, in between OH referrals for general support. Or, for more urgent support if an employee is reaching out in a crisis.


Support following trauma


Our Occupational Therapists are trained to offer support after a traumatic event. This support in the workplace can be followed by all different kinds of traumatic events. For example, miscarriage, suicide, or witnessing a traumatic event. 


Mental health workshops


Our MH workshops can be offered to your whole team, or just managers, and tailored to the needs of your specific workplaces. Workshops included: ‘How to Manage Stress & Anxiety’, ‘How to Manage Depression’, ‘Understanding Self-harm’, How to Handle Difficult Conversations’, ‘How to Develop a Compassionate Mind’, and ‘How to use Wellness Action Plans’.


Stress Risk Assessments


The Acorn OTs can offer assessments that look at stress levels in a workplace or of an individual person. Plus, they can also carry out functional mental health assessments, and aim to understand the sensory needs of employees.

At Acorn Occupational Health, the professional practice of our Occupational Therapists is guided by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT).


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