Process Ergonomic Assessments

The Power of Wearable Sensor Technology in Ergonomic Assessments


In today’s fast-paced industry landscape, the well-being of factory workers is extremely important. It is a crucial aspect of ensuring the productivity and profitability of a business. As well as ensuring that they are healthy and safe. 

At Acorn Occupational Health, we have taken a revolutionary step forward with our Process Ergonomic Assessments. We are leveraging cutting-edge Wearable Sensor Technology to identify and mitigate potential musculoskeletal risks. But how does this work?


Understanding the Process Ergonomic Assessments


This kind of assessment delves into the very essence of a worker’s daily routine. Going beyond what can be seen on the surface to uncover the intricacies of their movements. Plus, this ergonomic assessment helps to identify potential risk activities that might lead to musculoskeletal injuries. We undertake a comprehensive evaluation of a worker’s job role, looking at the job analysis that allows the team to gain deep insights into the demands of the role.


Wearable Sensor Technology


Acorn has invested in wearable sensor technology, and this technology is the driving force behind our new ergonomic service. The groundbreaking technology is at the core of a proactive intervention. Enabling our ergonomic team to assess work tasks and pinpoint potential hazards before they escalate into serious musculoskeletal injuries. The use of wearable sensors empowers the team to monitor and analyse workers’ movements in real time, gathering invaluable data that forms the foundation of actionable solutions.


Imagine a factory worker on the production line. Our wearable sensors will be placed on different areas of their body, capturing every twist, turn and lift. These sensors seamlessly collect data that is subsequently transformed into comprehensive video analysis. The data gives us invaluable insights into the factory worker’s movements. Which enables us to tailor our recommendation to the specific tasks they perform. 


A Comprehensive Approach


Wearable Sensor Technology is not just about data collection. We use it to gain a thorough understanding of the factory worker’s daily world. Giving us insight that a general observation would not. Acorn’s team of skilled ergonomists leverage this technology to gain an in-depth understanding of the physical demands of the job role. By immersing themselves in the worker’s environment, they uncover risks that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

The outcome of the Process Ergonomic Assessment is not just a generic report. We personalise this to the individual, relating to their health and safety whilst they complete their daily tasks. Our team analyses data and creates a comprehensive report that highlights potential risks. We also suggest practical and prioritised recommendations. These are always achievable suggestions, and actionable steps that can be implemented to mitigate risks to employees’ musculoskeletal health.


Promoting Worker Well-being


Acorn Occupational Health’s Process Ergonomic Assessment is a testament to our unwavering commitment to supporting the well-being of the employers we work with. By combining the precision of technology with the expertise of experienced ergonomists, the assessment offers a holistic view of a worker’s movements. Enabling the identification of potential risks and the formulation of proactive solutions.

Our latest investment into their wearable technology represents a pivotal step towards safeguarding the health and safety of workers. This ergonomic service is an innovative approach that empowers both employers and employees to take charge of workplace safety.

When a business invests in ergonomics they are investing in the health, safety, and long-term well-being of those who form the backbone of industrial operations. As technology continues to evolve, Acorn Occupational Health remains at the forefront. We are championing worker well-being and ensuring a brighter, safer future for workforces across the UK. 


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