getting covid 19 tests and travelling over the christmas period

Last year, Christmas was pretty much cancelled. With most of the country having 1 singular day to see family. And Zoom was the way in which we saw other friends and family, but the virtual parties weren’t quite the same!

Yet, this year is looking much more positive, with vaccinations, booster vaccinations, and accessible testing. With travel and mixing with other households allowed, many people will be making up for last Christmas this year.

Although it’s still very important to be cautious and aware that the Covid-19 virus hasn’t disappeared. Cases have seen a recent increase and vulnerable people can still get very sick when they have the virus.


NHS Test Kits


Using the free NHS lateral flow tests as a precautionary measure is a great idea, especially when planning to attend family parties and gatherings. This reduces the risk of spreading the virus to others.


Testing when travelling abroad


Everyone entering England from abroad must take a PCR test for coronavirus on arrival. The number of PCR tests you will have to take is based upon whether you qualify as a vaccinated for travel to England.

Acorn is UKAS accredited (22786) to provide Pre-Departure lateral flow tests (take with you abroad) and Day 2 PCR Tests for returning to England. Acorn will provide you with an official certificate with your results.

But please note, the free NHS test kits cannot be used for the purpose of returning to England.

If you are travelling over the festive period, Acorn guarantees an accurate and prompt service to ensure you can travel over this season.


How to purchase a pre-departure Covid-19 lateral flow test


These tests are unsupervised and are for the purpose of taking abroad with you and completing them 3 days before you travel to England. The certificate will be provided via email within 24 hours of receiving the proof test.

To buy a test, please contact us via email at or call us on 01269 277797.

Pre-departure Covid-19 lateral flow test: £24 for self-test (unsupervised)

All prices include VAT 


How to purchase a Day 2 PCR test


There are 3 options available for a Day 2 PCR test. This test is to be taken after arrival in England, on or before Day 2 after your arrival in England. Results will be provided, via email, with 24 hours of the lab receiving the sample.

To buy a test, please contact us via email at or call us on 01269 277797.

All prices include VAT 

*It is important that you must isolate until you have received the results of your Day 2 PCR test. You may leave isolation ONLY for the purpose of receiving your test* 


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For further information on the Covid-19 swab testing we offer, visit our Covid-19 page.

Please note that we cannot advise on what tests you require. It is your responsibility to research and choose the correct covid 19 testing kit for your destination and that country’s requirements, also taking into account whether you had a covid 19 vaccination and how many doses. The speed at which we dispatch your testing kit is dependent on the information provided to us.

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