OH services for medical professionals in the NHS

In the demanding and ever-changing medical industry, the importance of occupational health cannot be overlooked. With medical and healthcare professionals dedicating their working time to caring for others, it is crucial that their own well-being and health are also prioritised.

Acorn Occupational Health understands the need for a comprehensive and tailored occupational health plan as well as access to services which support the unique needs of healthcare professionals. This includes those who work in the NHS, one of the UK’s biggest employers.

Discover more on the range of OH services available, and in some cases required for those employed in the medical sector.


Occupational Health in the NHS


The NHS is one of the largest employers in the UK, with around 1.27 million full-time equivalent staff working in the NHS trust in England. This is an increase of 4.2% when compared with last year’s figures.

With such a large workforce, and a diverse range of medical professionals serving in various roles across many sectors, maintaining the health and well-being of employees is vital. As in turn their health and potential ill health can cause absences. This inevitably will have an effect on the ability of the NHS to provide care for the general public using the NHS.

Acorn Occupational Health recognises the unique challenges faced by NHS employees. Therefore we offer specialised assessments and services tailored to their needs.


Occupational Health Assessments for NHS Professionals


Pre-Placement Health Assessments:

Many employees will undergo pre-placement health assessments before joining the NHS. These assessments determine their fitness for their chosen roles. Potentially include medical history reviews, physical examinations and screenings. Our pre-placement medicals determine baseline health and ensure compliance with legislation. As well as ensure that employees are fit for their roles and identify any potential health concerns that may need further attention or accommodation.


Health Surveillance:

The NHS employs individuals in a wide range of roles, each with its own specific risks and exposures. Health surveillance is essential for monitoring employees’ health who may be exposed to hazards such as chemicals, infectious diseases, or radiation.

Our health surveillance assessment and medicals include:

  • Skin surveillance
  • Allergy testing
  • Audiometry testing
  • Occupational vaccinations
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Physiotherapy
  • DSE assessments
  • Site needs assessments


Occupational Vaccinations:

Employees within the NHS, as they work in healthcare, they are exposed to potential diseases and infections. So it is vital that appropriate vaccinations are provided for staff to ensure that the risk of transmission within the healthcare setting is reduced. Thus creating a safer working environment for employees.

Occupational vaccinations we can provide:

  • Influenza
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Pneumococcal


Mental Health Support


The NHS recognises the importance of supporting its employees with their mental health given the demanding nature of the work. Not only do we provide mental health awareness training. But we also provide occupational therapy and counselling services. Our initial mental health assessments are used to identify and address issues such as stress, anxiety, and burnout among NHS professionals. By prioritising mental well-being, the NHS can create a supportive environment that promotes the health and performance of its workforce.


Return to Work Assessments


In the unfortunate event that an employee requires a prolonged period of time off work due to injury or illness, a return to work-assessment should be completed. This ensures that the individual is ready to return to work and successfully complete the role required of them. Acorn Occupational Health has worked closely with medical businesses, both private and public to develop personalised rehabilitation and return-to-work plans. Ensuring that employees receive the necessary support. Plus accommodations to ease their return to work safely and effectively.


Importance of Occupational Health within the Medical Industry


Occupational health is of the utmost importance in the NHS and in other private medical and healthcare businesses. As each is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to its patients, and its employees are at the core of this.

We recognise the unique challenges faced by healthcare businesses. So we offer a comprehensive range of assessments and services tailored to their needs. Our OH services ensure compliance with legal requirements. But they also promote the overall health, job satisfaction, and productivity of NHS professionals, ultimately leading to improved patient care.


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