Post Job Offer Assessments

Doctor talking to her male patient at office

All businesses rely on successfully recruiting employees for the development of their business. Getting this right in the first place saves money, time and allows the business to operate effectively. A Post Job Offer Assessment demonstrates an early commitment to the health of your employees.

How can Acorn Occupational Health help you?

As a leading provider of Occupational Health services across the UK, Acorn Occupational Health will nominate an Occupational Health Advisor who will develop a good understanding of your business. Post Job Offer assessments may be conducted by paper screening undertaken from a confidential task specific health questionnaire (24 hour turn around) or a personal medical assessment. A personal medical assessment is completed by assessing both the physical and psychological capabilities measured against specific job function criteria. This ensures the appropriate matching of prospective employees to the proposed occupations. Our experienced Occupational Health Advisors aim to deliver a cost effective service designed to meet the needs of your business.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Informed recruitment and development
  • Baseline health measurements
  • Compliance with current legislation (Equality Act 2010)
  • Reduce sickness/absence
  • Reduce risk and cost of litigation
  • Reduced staff turnover